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Product Name: Health Care Law and Ethics - Set

Category: Continuing Education Self-study Courses


Find out about certification, confidentiality and consent, professional liability, medical records, ethics, employment law (including ADA), sexual harassment, consumer protection law, bioethical issues, chain of custody, law cases, and more.

Textbook includes self-study competency checks to reinforce learning and assess comprehension, along with case studies, sample letters and forms, a glossary of legal terms, bibliography, and comprehensive index.

Workbook contains skill-building exercises for applying legal principles to everyday office practice and understanding legal responsibilities. The workbook includes a programmed learning section introducing each chapter and a final multiple-choice examination, the answer sheet serving as AAMA's basis for awarding CEUs.
50 CEUs (30 gen, 10 adm, 10 clin)

Completion deadline is 6 months from date of purchase.

Price: $135.00


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