Medical Assistant Spotlight

Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of CMA Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

Nov/Dec 2018
Shoot for the stars
Medical assistant establishes an award to shine the light on others

“My hope is that every medical assistant who hears about this program feels empowered to approach their organization about starting their own recognition program."

Name: Sherry Bogar, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at UTMB Health in Galveston, Texas

In the spotlight: Bogar helped establish the Medical Assisting Shining Star Award, which recognizes the value of medical assistants' work and exceptional medical assistants.

Sep/Oct 2018
Proving our place
Medical assisting program coordinator advocates for medical assistants in the Dakotas

Now that they realize there is a lot more that medical assistants can do than they were allowing them to do previously, they started sending me job openings.”

Name: Jo Penning, BS, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assisting program coordinator for National American University (NAU) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

In the spotlight: Penning advocated for medical assistants as well as CMAs (AAMA) when the role of medical assistants was called into question. 

Jul/Aug 2018
Lightbulb moments
Cancer diagnosis inspires a career change to medial assisting and reality show pitch

"No matter where I work, interacting with patients and helping them physically as well as mentally by putting them at ease is what I love most."

Name: Angela Giraldo, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at an orthopedic group

In the spotlight: Giraldo decided to become a medical assistant after a cancer diagnosis, and she uses her experience to help patients.