Medical Assistant Spotlight

Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of CMA Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

Sep/Oct 2017
On the ground floor
Physician receives eye-opening experience as medical assistant

“Although as a physician I knew all the specifics of diseases, it was amazing how clueless I was about the processes of the office. Working as a medical assistant gave me a unique opportunity and perspective of how important medical assistants are.”

Fabiola Feldhaus, MD

Occupation: Physician at TriHealth in Cincinnati, Ohio

In the spotlight: Dr. Feldhaus worked as a medical assistant for four years while taking the United States Medical Licensing Examination, required for physicians from other countries to practice in the States.

Jul/Aug 2017
CMA (AAMA) for life
Medical assistant maintains her credential well after retirement

"Why shouldn't I recertify? ... Just because I'm not practicing anymore doesn't mean I should just let my credential go. I take pride in it."

Name: Donna Schultz, CMA-A (AAMA)

Occupation: Retired medical assistant, former president of the Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants

In the spotlight: Schultz's CMA (AAMA) certification and involvement with the AAMA have spanned decades, even after her 80th birthday.

May/Jun 2017
Take two
Medical assistant earns certification 20 years after first exam attempt

“It brought me back 20 years when I took it the first time. I got really scared. . . . I passed with flying colors. I did better than I thought I could. I am so proud of my accomplishment!"

Amber Nelson, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at Cherokee Regional Medical Center in Cherokee, Iowa

In the spotlight: 20 years after her first attempt at the CMA (AAMA) Certification Examination, Nelson took and passed the exam.