Medical Assistant Spotlight

Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of CMA Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

Mar/Apr 2017
Center of attention
Medical assistant forms lasting bonds through work at cancer center

“When someone walks into this building that has ‘Cancer Center’ written on the top of it, anxiety often sets in. I tell patients that … if they have to come, it’s the best place to be.”

Randy Schlafer, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, Michigan

In the spotlight: Before taking a position in ambulatory care, Schlafer spent years helping patients through the stages of cancer treatment.

Jan/Feb 2017
Right-hand man
Medical assistant helps train resident physicians at clinical site

"While the doctors know how to treat patients, we're getting them accustomed to how the office flows, showing them how to use our computer systems and enter orders, and teaching them about our patient population."

Name: Todd Magee, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at Concord Hospital Family Health Center in Concord, New Hampshire

In the spotlight: Magee works in a clinical training site and helps train medical residents.

Nov/Dec 2016
Live and breathe
Medical assistant provides asthma education near and far

“When I see a patient come in with horrible lung function, then get on an appropriate medication regimen and come back in a few months with increased lung function and say, ‘I didn’t know this is what it was like to breathe normally,’ or when a mom tells me ‘my son was able to be in marching band for the first time,’ I can’t tell you how rewarding that is.”

Cheryl Shoffstall, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Lead medical assistant at Allergy, Asthma & Immunology in Shiloh, Illinois

In the spotlight: Shoffstall provides asthma education to patients in Illinois and has traveled to Honduras on multiple mission trips.