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AAMA Approved CE Programs

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Featured Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

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Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132080Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Role of the Medical AssistantAL014 Central Alabama2 CG08/19/2017
132240Transitioning to Value-Based CareAL006 Southeast Alabama2 AG07/20/2017
131523Contact Lenses: Why They Are Not Always Your FriendAlabama State Society1 CG04/07/2017
131524Outpatient Total Knee ReplacementAlabama State Society1 CG04/07/2017
131525Recognizing Possible Symptons of Hoarding (Good Information for the Medical Assistant)Alabama State Society1 G04/07/2017
131526Medical Assistant Family FeudAlabama State Society1 ACG04/07/2017
131527Victims Advocacy: The MA's RoleAlabama State Society1 AG04/07/2017
131529Living Kidney Donation (A Personal Perspective)Alabama State Society1 G04/07/2017
131528Foodborne Illness Outbreak Investigations: The Role of the Public Health InspectorAlabama State Society1 G04/07/2017
131530Hormone ReplacementAlabama State Society1 CG04/07/2017
131531Cultural Competency in HealthcareAlabama State Society1 G04/07/2017
131532Professionalism: Front and CenterAlabama State Society1 G04/07/2017
131533What's Your Mission? Patient AdvocacyAlabama State Society1 G04/07/2017


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131677Alaska Comfort One ProgramAlaska State Society1.5 G04/23/2017
131672Care CoordinationAlaska State Society1.5 G04/23/2017
131673Public Health in AlaskaAlaska State Society1 G04/22/2017
131675The Balanced DietAlaska State Society1 G04/22/2017
131714North Pole Lions Eye Glass Recycling CenterAlaska State Society1 4/22/1704/22/2017
131715The Importance of Screening ColonoscopyAlaska State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131674Treating Myofascial PainAlaska State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131676Emotional IntelligenceAlaska State Society1 G04/22/2017
130731Alaska Health Literacy Summit: Working Together to Improve HealthAK001 Anchorage6 G11/05/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132099Seasonal Allergies: Nip them in the BudArizona State Society2 CG07/23/2017
132100Parliamentary ProceduresArizona State Society2 G07/23/2017
132097Patient SafetyArizona State Society2 G07/22/2017
132098Building Workplace and Virtual TeamsArizona State Society2 G07/22/2017
132095Crying with CrayonsArizona State Society2 G07/21/2017
132096Vaccine UpdateArizona State Society2 C07/21/2017
130663MRI 101Arizona State Society2 C10/22/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132285The y-glutamyl-glutamine Induced Transformation of NIH 3T3 CellsArkansas State Society1 C08/26/2017
132169Breast Cancer 101, From Detection to SurvivorshipArkansas State Society1 C08/26/2017
132170Medicinal Cannabis: An overview of the roles and responsibilities for the Healthcare ProviderArkansas State Society2 ACG08/26/2017
131351A Life Without Limits: The Disabled PatientArkansas State Society1 G03/11/2017
131352PCMH – How Can Your Clinic TransitionArkansas State Society1 AG03/11/2017
131353Human Relations in the WorkplaceArkansas State Society1 G03/11/2017
130625Medical AestheticsArkansas State Society1 CG10/01/2016
130627The Coroner (Valuable Informaton for the Medical Assistant)Arkansas State Society1 G10/01/2016
130628The Science of Funeral Service (Good Information for the Medical Assistant to Know)Arkansas State Society1 G10/01/2016
130624The Importance of Determining Medical NecessityArkansas State Society1 AG10/01/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132043Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certificate (home study course)American Council on Exercise (ACE)25 CG06/19/2017
132044Metabolic Training Workshop (live workshop)American Council on Exercise (ACE)8 G06/19/2017
132045ACE's Personal Training WorkshopAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE)8 G06/19/2017
132046Senior Fitness Specialty Certificate (home study course)American Council on Exercise (ACE)25 CG06/19/2017
132047Weight Management Specialty Certificate (home study course)American Council on Exercise (ACE)25 G06/19/2017
132048Youth Fitness Specialty Certificate (home study course)American Council on Exercise (ACE)25 G06/19/2017
132042ACE Behavior Change SpecialistAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE)25 G06/19/2017
131478Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderCalifornia State Society2 CG04/23/2017
131756Advance Care Planning and End of Life Option ActCalifornia State Society2 AG04/23/2017
131753Promoting Mental Health and Responding to Mental Illness in Clinical PracticeCalifornia State Society2 CG04/22/2017
131755Emotional IntelligenceCalifornia State Society1 G04/22/2017
131786Critical Thinking and Sound Judgment in HealthcareCalifornia State Society1 G04/22/2017
131751Cultural CompetencyCalifornia State Society1 G04/22/2017
131752ICD-10 UpdateCalifornia State Society2 AG04/22/2017
131754Are You Really Listening?California State Society1 G04/22/2017
131749Intellectual Developmental DisabilitiesCalifornia State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131748Welcome to the Lab! Effective Health Communication as Praxis!California State Society2 G04/21/2017
131750Self-Reflection in HealthcareCalifornia State Society1 G04/21/2017


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132387Understanding the Basics of Radiology Procedures and Patient PreparationColorado State Society2.5 C10/26/2017
132410Professionalism in the WorkforceColorado State Society2 G09/30/2017
132395Sleep "Study": A Review of Patterns and ConditionsColorado State Society2 C09/30/2017
132162Mental First AidColorado State Society8 G08/12/2017
131919Diabetes: Don't Sugar Coat It!Colorado State Society4 CG06/10/2017
131774Senior Medical Assistant Workshop #2Colorado State Society4 G04/26/2017
131772EKG Review and Practice SessionColorado State Society1.5 CG04/08/2017
131773Cardiac Disease and Pharmacology ReviewColorado State Society2.5 CG04/08/2017
131281Educational Strategies in the Prevention of FASD with Women, Teens, and Pre-TeensColorado State Society2 CG03/12/2017
131282Maximizing Brain FunctionColorado State Society2 CG03/12/2017
131277Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisordersColorado State Society4 CG03/11/2017
131280Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Basics for the Medical AssistantColorado State Society2 CG03/11/2017
130722Let's Do Shots! An Overview of Vaccines, Diseases, and Injection GuidelinesColorado State Society2.5 CG11/12/2016
130723Injection ReviewColorado State Society1.5 C11/12/2016
130720Medical MarijuanaColorado State Society2 CG10/22/2016
130721Maximizing Brain FunctionsColorado State Society2 CG10/22/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131969Improving Recognition and Prevention of Residual Paralysis After Surgery: Case Examples of MonitorinConnecticut State Society1 CG09/24/2017
131968Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Current Trends and Future LandscapeConnecticut State Society1 CG07/23/2017
131961Gut Reaction: Probiotics and their Role in Gastrointestinal CareConnecticut State Society1 CG06/23/2017
131466CPRConnecticut State Society3 C03/25/2017
131086Heart Transplant: Referrals, Donors, and RecipiantsConnecticut State Society2 CG03/24/2017
131261OverView of the American Red Cross : In CT, Across the Country, and Around the WorldConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131087SBIRT: Medical Assistants Can Make a Difference!Connecticut State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131088Human Trafficking- Recognition and Response for Healthcare ProvidersConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131089Living Kidney DonationConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131092Make A Wish: The Power of A WishConnecticut State Society1 AG03/24/2017
131094Understanding Alcoholism and AAConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131248Helping Families Cope with Death and DyingConnecticut State Society2 G03/24/2017
131249Telemedicine 101Connecticut State Society2 AG03/24/2017
131250Overview of Naloxone PharmacologyConnecticut State Society1 C03/24/2017
131247Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant's RoleConnecticut State Society2 CG03/24/2017
131251Selfcare in HealthcareConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131252Physical Therapy and YouConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131253Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)Connecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131090Zika Virus: Problem or Pandemic?Connecticut State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131091Emergency Medicine 101Connecticut State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131093Hypertension and OrthoticsConnecticut State Society1 C03/24/2017
131095Running a Great Medical Practice that Has Patients Cheering and Staff EngagedConnecticut State Society1 G03/24/2017
131099Blood Donation: What Everyone Should KnowConnecticut State Society1.5 CG03/23/2017
131116Customer Service DailyConnecticut State Society1 G03/23/2017
131100CTSMA Trivia NightConnecticut State Society2 ACG03/23/2017


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132295Inpatient Neurological CareFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C11/11/2017
132342Pain Management PrinciplesFlorida State Society1 CG11/04/2017
132343Human TraffickingFlorida State Society1 G11/04/2017
132340The Customer ExperienceFlorida State Society1 G11/04/2017
132341Bloodborne Pathogens UpdateFlorida State Society1 A11/04/2017
132345Erectile DysfunctionFlorida State Society1.5 C11/04/2017
132339Steps to a Healthier YouFlorida State Society1.5 G11/04/2017
132294Vascular SurgeryFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C10/18/2017
132399The Power Game in HealthcareFL004 Southwest1.5 G10/02/2017
132310Top 10 Risk Management IssuesFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 AG09/28/2017
132245Improving Patient Outcomes With Chinese MedicineFL010 Central Florida1 C09/16/2017
132246Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 CG09/16/2017
132225The Therapeutic MusicianFL010 Central Florida1 G09/16/2017
132244Peyronie's DiseaseFL010 Central Florida1 C09/16/2017
132262The Effect of Military Service on End-of-Life CareFL040 North Florida1 CG09/09/2017
132261Communication with Impaired PatientsFL040 North Florida1 CG09/09/2017
131893What a Plastic Surgeon Wants You to KnowFL037 Treasure Coast2 CG05/30/2017
131904Hidden Malpractice Dangers in your EHRFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 AG05/25/2017
131481CybersecurityFlorida State Society2 AG05/06/2017
131476Understanding Generations - Improve YOUR Communication SkillsFlorida State Society1 G05/06/2017
131845Zika and MicrocephalyFlorida State Society1.5 CG05/06/2017
131846ICD-10 Updates, MACRA, HERFlorida State Society1.5 AG05/06/2017
131844Behavioral HealthFlorida State Society2 CG05/06/2017
131781Medical JeopardyFL038 Mid Gulf Coast1.5 ACG04/26/2017
131780Opioids in AmericaFL038 Mid Gulf Coast1.5 CG04/26/2017
131265Basic Medical Terminology (Part 1 and Part 2)BayCare Health System7 G04/19/2017
131647PET/CTFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG04/13/2017
131764The Chest X-ray: Plain Simple and ValuableFlorida State Society2 CG04/01/2017
131321Bipolar DisorderFL010 Central Florida1 AG03/15/2017
131358Antibiotics: Should We or Shoud We Not?FL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG03/11/2017
131359Heart Disease: A Concern for WomenFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG03/11/2017
131739General Overview of Electornic Medical RecordsFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 AG03/11/2017
131738Treating Tobacco Dependence in the Healthcare SettingFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 G03/11/2017
131313Mental Health AwarenessFL040 North Florida1 CG03/11/2017
131142Seizure DisordersFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG02/07/2017
131194Thyroid DisordersFL004 Southwest1 CG02/01/2017
131032Burnout in HealthcareFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 G01/26/2017
130890Urinary IncontinenceFL037 Treasure Coast1 ACG01/25/2017
131051An Introduction and Review of Quality ImprovementFL003 Brevard2 AG01/21/2017
131107Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG01/18/2017
130924The Amazing Mechanism: Part 2 - AcupunctureFL038 Mid Gulf Coast1.5 CG12/13/2016
130925Office Safety and ErgonomicsFL038 Mid Gulf Coast1.5 G12/13/2016
130811The Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance MarketplaceFL010 Central Florida1 AG11/16/2016
130221NutritionFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG11/08/2016
130779Tidewell HospiceFlorida State Society1.5 G11/05/2016
130775Medical EthicsFlorida State Society1.5 G11/05/2016
130777Knowledge BowlFlorida State Society1.5 ACG11/05/2016
130776Performing Mobility Assessments for PatientsFlorida State Society1.5 C11/05/2016
130778BioScent K9- A Non-Profit Organization that Trains Diabetic & Alert Dogs - Cancer ResearchFlorida State Society1 G11/05/2016
130718Our Immune SystemFL026 Central Gulf Coast CG10/27/2016
130712ColonoscopyFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG10/21/2016
130732DiabetesFL010 Central Florida1 CG10/19/2016
130681Vaccine for Children ProgramFlorida State Society2 CG10/17/2016
130697CPRFL004 Southwest4 C10/15/2016
130694Weigh to Go! – A Positive Plan for Healthier LivingFL010 Central Florida2 G10/15/2016
130576Male Urinary IncontinenceFL010 Central Florida1 CG10/15/2016
130573How to Survive an HIPAAQ AuditFL010 Central Florida1.5 A10/15/2016
130574Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG10/15/2016
130575Using the Power of the Mind to Reduce Stress and AnxietyFL010 Central Florida1.5 G10/15/2016
130666Healthcare Integration & Behavioral HealthFL004 Southwest2 A10/06/2016
130572Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Children with Focus on Mindful EatingFL040 North Florida1.5 CG10/01/2016
130526Mining to Make MACRA Measurable: Guide for Providers to Ensure Quality Data in a Data Driven PaymentFL037 Treasure Coast2 A09/24/2016
130527Risks and Rewards of Risk Adjustment: The Impact of ICD‐10 on HCC, HEDIS and Other Risk AdjustmentFL037 Treasure Coast2 A09/24/2016
130528MIPS, MACRA, and Measures Oh My!FL037 Treasure Coast2 AG09/24/2016
130504Understanding AsthmaFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG09/22/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132409Stop Assaulting Your Heart: A Guide to Decrease Salt IntakeGA013 Thomas1 C09/26/2017
132401Coding-What's important?GA014 Central Savannah River Area1 A09/19/2017
132270You Have What? Overview of Common Gut InfectionsGeorgia State Society1 C09/16/2017
132271Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)Georgia State Society1 C09/16/2017
132265Don't Give Me That AttitudeGeorgia State Society1 G09/16/2017
132266CPT Modifiers: How to Use, When and WhereGeorgia State Society1 A09/16/2017
132268The Ins and Outs of ColonoscopyGeorgia State Society1 C09/16/2017
132269Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety AwarenessGeorgia State Society1 C09/16/2017
132264Overview of CPR/AEDGeorgia State Society2 C09/15/2017
132143Piedmont Healthcare 4th Annual Pulmonary Fibrosis Educational SymposiumPiedmont Atlanta Hospital5 C09/09/2017
132180Preventive Medicine: Just What the Doctor OrderedGA013 Thomas1 CG08/22/2017
132178Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisordersGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C08/15/2017
132148Medical Terminology Crossword PuzzleGA006 Muscogee1 G08/14/2017
131557Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Crossword Puzzles: Part 3GA004 Lowndes1.5 CG08/07/2017
132090Simulation EducationGA012 Rome1 CG07/20/2017
132110Wound CareGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C07/18/2017
132003Uninsured/Underinsured CareGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 AG06/20/2017
132267Living with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)Georgia State Society1 C06/16/2017
131556Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Crossword Puzzles: Part 2GA004 Lowndes1.5 CG06/05/2017
131896Basic Dermatology OverviewGA001 Cobb1 CG05/20/2017
131930Try PT FirstGA001 Cobb1 CG05/20/2017
131920Trigemenal NeuralgiaGA012 Rome1 CG05/18/2017
131839Back to the BasicsGeorgia State Society1 CG05/07/2017
131826Leadership Skills for Medical AssistantsGeorgia State Society1 AG05/06/2017
131827The Role of A Medical Assistant in Caring for Pregnant WomenGeorgia State Society1 G05/06/2017
131828Wound CareGeorgia State Society1 CG05/06/2017
131829Medical Assistants as Scribes - What You Need to KnowGeorgia State Society1 AG05/06/2017
131830Emergency Operations PlanningGeorgia State Society1 AG05/06/2017
131831Lasik Eye SurgeryGeorgia State Society1 CG05/06/2017
131838Taming Stress with Complementary Alternative MedicineGeorgia State Society1 G05/06/2017
131832Top 10 to Your Best BodyGeorgia State Society1 G05/05/2017
131833Orthotics and ProstheticsGeorgia State Society1 CG05/05/2017
131834The Power Within: How Medical Assistants Can Impact LivesGeorgia State Society1 G05/05/2017
131837Documentation: The Cornerstone of Patient SafetyGeorgia State Society1 AG05/05/2017
131835Transcranial Magnetic StimulationGeorgia State Society1 CG05/05/2017
131836Bariatric SurgeryGeorgia State Society1 CG05/05/2017
131720Medication AdherenceGA016 Hall1 CG04/15/2017
131541Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Crossword Puzzles: Part 1GA004 Lowndes1.5 CG04/10/2017
131516Managing Diabetes TogetherNortheast Georgia Physicians Group3 CG04/01/2017
131410GERD: State of the Art Diagnositics and TherapyGA006 Muscogee1 CG03/20/2017
131433Physical Therapy 101GA001 Cobb1 CG03/18/2017
131464Pillcam SB Capsule EndoscopyGA012 Rome1 CG03/16/2017
131246Ultrasound UseGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C02/21/2017
131220Anorectal DisordersGA001 Cobb1 C02/18/2017
131129Pediatric Heart MurmurGA012 Rome1 CG02/16/2017
131052OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapry)GA012 Rome1 CG01/21/2017
131053Uncontrolled HypertensionGA012 Rome1 CG01/21/2017
131020Lou Gehrig's DiseaseGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG01/17/2017
130934Anatomy PasswordGA012 Rome1 G12/15/2016
130919Talk with Me Baby (TWMB)Marcus Autism Center1 G12/01/2016
130886Philosophy of HospiceGA012 Rome1 G11/17/2016
130872Cardiac Stress TestGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C11/15/2016
130756Changes in ICD-10 for 2017GA012 Rome1 A10/29/2016
130757Back/Spine Issues at the Office and Helpful Exercises You Can Perform to Alleviate ThemGA012 Rome1 G10/29/2016
130751Epilepsy: Education, Treatment Options, AwarenessGA012 Rome1 CG10/29/2016
1307535 P's in WOC Nurse's PodGA012 Rome1 CG10/29/2016
130752Professionalism: Front and CenterGA012 Rome1 G10/29/2016
130754Breast Cancer Risk and Screening Guidelines: Making Sense of What is ChangingGA012 Rome1 CG10/29/2016
130750Sugar, SugarGA012 Rome1 G10/28/2016
130749Lung ScreeningGA012 Rome1 AG10/28/2016
130113Basic Radiology ProtectionGA016 Hall1 C10/22/2016
130693Back to the BasicsGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 AG10/18/2016
130687Allergic Rhinitis and ImmunotherapyGA026 Paulding County1.5 CG10/15/2016
130129Upper Extremity DiagnosesGA001 Cobb1 CG10/15/2016
130968Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colon Cancer AwarenessGA001 Cobb1.5 CG10/14/2016
130509Nutrition for Diabetes MellitusGA004 Lowndes1.5 CG10/03/2016
130471Resistance TrainingGA001 Cobb1 G09/24/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131500Lumps, Bumps, and Hernia Repairs for the Pediatric PatientHawaii State Society3 CG04/15/2017
130728Alcohol Free PregnancyHawaii State Society2 CG10/23/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132396The Sick Child - When do I need the provider ASAPID001 Idaho Falls1 C09/27/2017
132392Motivational Interviewing Workshop, Part OnePacificSource Health Plan1 G09/21/2017
132314Data Collection in the Outpatient SettingID003 Gate City1 A09/13/2017
132372Geriatric PharmacotherapyID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 C09/12/2017
132174Blue Birds and Rainbows (The terminally ill patient)ID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG09/09/2017
132173Healthcare for the Underserved in IdahoID002 Magic Valley1.5 AG09/09/2017
132086Risk Adjustment 101 WorkshopPacificSource Health Plan1 AG07/19/2017
132041Veins and PainID003 Gate City1 CG06/24/2017
132025Hormone Replacement and Chronic FatigueID001 Idaho Falls2 CG06/24/2017
131982Medical Assisting in the Patient-Centered Medical HomeID003 Gate City2 G06/24/2017
131939Coding and Billing Best PracticesID002 Magic Valley1.5 A06/03/2017
131960Interviewing, Recruiting and Networking Potential Job CandidatesID002 Magic Valley1.5 AG06/03/2017
131918MA BootcampID004 North Idaho Panhandle4 CG05/20/2017
131141Medicaid EligibilityID003 Gate City1 AG05/10/2017
131456Stress ManagementIdaho State Society1 G04/22/2017
131450InfertilityIdaho State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131451Parkinson's DiseaseIdaho State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131452Sleep ApneaIdaho State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131453Urinary IncontinenceIdaho State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131454Meaningful Use and the Transition to Pay for PerformanceIdaho State Society1 AG04/22/2017
131455Immunization UpdateIdaho State Society2 CG04/21/2017
131436Yearly Testing and Preventive Care Best PracticesPacificSource Health Plan1 AG03/23/2017
131807Bruising in Small ChildrenID001 Idaho Falls1 CG03/11/2017
131278Idaho Youth MOVE - Valuable Information about the Youthful PatientID003 Gate City1 G03/08/2017
131272Pain Management in the Outpatient Office Setting: Philosophy, Concepts, and Practice for Nursing andID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG03/04/2017
131024IV Therapy for the MAID001 Idaho Falls15 C02/25/2017
131209Promoting a Health Lifestyle & Finding the Root of a ProblemID001 Idaho Falls1 CG02/22/2017
131048Hormones and You!!ID001 Idaho Falls2 CG01/21/2017
131049Abuse and How to Prevent ItID001 Idaho Falls2 G01/21/2017
131050Mindfulness, Communication, and Work Life StressorsID001 Idaho Falls3.5 G01/21/2017
131047Mindfulness and Letting Go of Stress: Helpful Information for the Medical AssistantID001 Idaho Falls3.5 G01/21/2017
131000OTC and Rx Pharmacy Know How for the Certified Medical AssistantID003 Gate City1 C01/18/2017
130921De-StressingID001 Idaho Falls1 G12/14/2016
130926Oral Health and Systematic Links to Other DiseasesID002 Magic Valley1 CG12/10/2016
130868Patient Experience WorkshopPacificSource Health Plan1 G12/01/2016
130835Keeping Your Body Safe: Ergonomics for the Medical AssistantID003 Gate City1 G11/09/2016
130641Motivation Methods and Helping Patients in the Change ProcessID003 Gate City1 G10/13/2016
130571Wound/Ostomy CareID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 C10/10/2016
130651Bloodborne Pathogens: Disease in the Blood!ID001 Idaho Falls1 CG10/08/2016
130653Breast Cancer: It's a Zombie ApocalypseID001 Idaho Falls1 CG10/08/2016
130652Death & Dying: End of Life CareID001 Idaho Falls1 G10/08/2016
130601Carbohydrate Counting for LifeID001 Idaho Falls1 G09/28/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132227Genetics and Breast CancerIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
132229Surgical Treatment Options For Breast CancerIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
132228Advances In Early Detection Of Breast CancerIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
132230Reconstructive Surgery Following Breast Cancer TreatmentIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
132231Medical Oncology and Breast CancerIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
132232Breast Prosthesis and Post-Mastectomy OptionsIllinois State Society1 C09/23/2017
131996Deformity Correction of Lower ExtremitiesIL014 Northwest Cook1 CG06/17/2017
131847Mental HealthIL038 Rockford2 CG05/16/2017
131559DMH CMA Continuing Education SeminarDecatur Memorial Hospital Medical Group4.5 CG04/29/2017
131680Integrative Self Care for the Healthcare TeamIllinois State Society2 G04/22/2017
131550The Effects of Physical Exercise on Symptoms associated with Parkinson's DiseaseIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131553Wound CareIllinois State Society1.5 C04/22/2017
131551Postpartum Hemorrhage and Maternal MortalityIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131692Many Shades of Darkness: Working with the Porn Addicted PatientIllinois State Society2 G04/21/2017
131208Venous Valvular InsufficiencyIL038 Rockford2 CG03/23/2017
131187Street DrugsIL038 Rockford2 G03/16/2017
131010Workers' CompensationIL014 Northwest Cook2 AG01/21/2017
130937Illinois Scope of Practice and How MACRA Impacts Order Entry for Credentialed Medical AssistantsIL014 Northwest Cook1.5 AG01/21/2017
130785Providing Excellent Customer Service to PatientsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 G11/05/2016
130787Medical Cannabis FactsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 CG11/05/2016
130762IL Medicaid How to Get PaidIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 A11/05/2016
130786Back to the Womb - Fetal SurgeryIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 CG11/05/2016
130591Management of COPD and Inhaler UseIL038 Rockford2 CG10/25/2016
130713Reimbursement MethodologiesIL014 Northwest Cook1.5 A10/22/2016
130714Understanding Management of DiabetesIL014 Northwest Cook1.5 CG10/22/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132190The Negative Effects of Stress on Clinical and Care-giversIndiana State Society2 CG02/03/2018
132376Immunization and Vaccine Update for Children and AdultsIndiana State Society2 C11/11/2017
13223416th Annual Cancer SymposiumParkview Health2 C09/13/2017
132319Understanding Active Shooter SituationsIN004 First District1 G09/12/2017
131682Update on Women's Heart DiseaseIN004 First District1 CG09/12/2017
132288Medicaid/MedicareIN013 Twelfth District2 AG09/09/2017
132318EKGIN011 St. Joseph District1 C09/09/2017
132289Evaluation and Treatment of Lower Back PainIN011 St. Joseph District1 C09/09/2017
132286Principles of Hematology and HemostasisIN013 Twelfth District4 C09/09/2017
132287Diagnostic and Medication Related ClaimsIN013 Twelfth District1 A09/09/2017
132192Telemedicine - Health Care of the FutureIndiana State Society2 AG08/26/2017
131098Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - The Medical Assistant's RoleIN011 St. Joseph District4 CG08/26/2017
132159Infection Control- Environmental SafetyIN028 West Central District1 C08/19/2017
132001Innovative Pathways to GoalsIndiana State Society3 G06/24/2017
131998ConcussionsIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG06/17/2017
132005Diabetic Eye DiseaseIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG06/17/2017
132028Summer Health ConcernsIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG06/17/2017
131932Just Snoring or Something More SeriousIN004 First District1 CG06/13/2017
132247SepsisIN013 Twelfth District2 C06/06/2017
131891Using Technology to Improve Patient CareParkview Physicians Group4 AG05/15/2017
131795COTAIN010 East Central District2 G05/06/2017
131796MSIN010 East Central District2 CG05/06/2017
131797Documentation and the Role of the Medical AssistantIN010 East Central District2 AG05/06/2017
13176328th Annual Trauma SymposiumParkview Physicians Group6 CG05/03/2017
131913Cyber Security for the Medical OfficeIN013 Twelfth District2 AG05/02/2017
131762Eating Disorders 101: The Latest Information You Need to KnowParkview Physicians Group5.5 CG04/25/2017
131761The Medical Complications of Eating DisordersParkview Physicians Group3 CG04/24/2017
131544Identifying Mental Health DisordersIndiana State Society1 CG04/23/2017
131545Overview of Childhood IllnessesIndiana State Society2 CG04/23/2017
131546Teen Pregnancy in Indiana: Updates and PreventionIndiana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131547Is Automation taking over Medical Assisting?Indiana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131548Knowledge Bowl 2017Indiana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131549Medication Administration OverviewIndiana State Society2 CG04/22/2017
131543Childhood DiabetesIndiana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131768A Beautiful Mind with Facilated Follow-Up DiscussionIndiana State Society3 CG04/21/2017
131760Postural Orstatic Tachycaridia Sydrome SeminarParkview Physicians Group3 CG04/20/2017
131698TAVR - Transaortic Valve ReplacementIN004 First District1 CG04/11/2017
131856What Happens During a Neurologic ExamIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/25/2017
131855Diabetic Eye CareIN011 St. Joseph District1 ACG03/25/2017
131534The Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges of Hand InjuriesIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/25/2017
131407Memory CareIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/25/2017
131411Dermatology for the Medical AssistantIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/25/2017
131535Women's Heart HealthIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/25/2017
131230Dermatology IssuesIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/11/2017
131312Care for Me - Care for YouIN011 St. Joseph District1 G03/11/2017
131678Strategies to Succeed in Value Based ReimbursementIN011 St. Joseph District1 AG03/11/2017
131366Rheumatoid ArthritisIN004 First District1 CG03/07/2017
13125813th Annual Parkview Research SymposiumParkview Physicians Group3.5 CG03/04/2017
131162Multivitamins - Using Appropriate SupplementsIN004 First District1 CG02/21/2017
131008Mohs SurgeryIndiana State Society2 CG02/11/2017
130993Alzheimers DiseaseIN010 East Central District2 CG01/21/2017
130994Lysosomal Storage Diisorders 101IN010 East Central District2 CG01/21/2017
131009The Medical Assistant's Role in Narcotic ManagementIN010 East Central District2 CG01/21/2017
131001The Deaf Patient - Enhancing CommunicationsIN004 First District1 G01/17/2017
130998Wound Care Interventions - Amputation Prevention in Patients with DiabetesParkview Physicians Group1 CG01/12/2017
130951Weight Management ConferenceParkview Health2.5 CG01/05/2017
130855Making a Human Connection in an Electronic Healthcare AgeIN011 St. Joseph District1 G11/19/2016
130856AsthmaIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG11/19/2016
130857Current Issues in NutritionIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG11/19/2016
130783Taking a Closer Look: Gyn Cancers and Treatment OptionsParkview Physicians Group2 CG11/10/2016
130812Technology in Healthcare - Electronic Medical RecordsIN004 First District1 A11/08/2016
130719Computer Update: Word, Excel, and PowerPointIndiana State Society2 A11/05/2016
130622Knowing Your Shots: Review and Updates on ImmunizationsIN004 First District1 CG10/11/2016
130646Ankle Arthritis and Total Ankle ArthroplastyIN011 St. Joseph District1 C10/08/2016
130674Over the Counter SupplementsIN011 St. Joseph District2 G10/08/2016
130654OpioidIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG10/08/2016
130648AcupunctureIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG10/08/2016
130564Hey, the Mouth is Part of the Body! How Oral Health Affects Overall HealthIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG10/08/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132358The Difference Between Paramedics and EMTsIA002 North Iowa1 G09/18/2017
132313Midwifery Obstetrical Care and the Pregnancy Centering Model of CareIA004 Linn1 CG09/13/2017
132093Quality & Risk Management UpdateMercy Medical Center1 AG09/07/2017
132082What is PACE and How Does It Work?Mercy Medical Center1 G08/03/2017
132052Level I Basic Cardiac ArrhythmiaMercy Medical Center16 C07/13/2017
132058Demystifying Diabetes ManagementMercy Medical Center1 CG07/06/2017
131976Immunization ConferenceIowa Behavioral Health Association6 CG06/15/2017
131974Pink Book CourseIowa Behavioral Health Association6.5 CG06/14/2017
131975HPV Preventions Through PartnershipsIowa Behavioral Health Association3 CG06/14/2017
131946Basics of Knee ReplacementsIA003 Des Moines2 CG06/07/2017
131962Workplace ViolenceMercy Medical Center1 G06/01/2017
131898Iowa Bone Club MeetingMercy Medical Center-Des Moines3.5 CG05/19/2017
131405CPRIA008 Shoquoquon4 C05/16/2017
131886Clinical Care of the LGBTQ PatientIA004 Linn1 CG05/10/2017
131875Pulmonary HypertensionMercy Medical Center1 CG05/04/2017
131737Learn How to Confidently Communicate with OthersIA003 Des Moines1.5 G05/02/2017
131552Life With a Service DogIowa State Society1 G04/21/2017
131579Smiles for LifeIowa State Society1 CG04/21/2017
131467Cultural Diversity 2017 - InterpreterIowa State Society1 G04/21/2017
131469Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy - Navigate "The Change"Iowa State Society1.5 CG04/21/2017
131474Documentation and Coding in the ICD-10 EraIowa State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131475HIPPA BreachesIowa State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131468Quiz Bowl 2017Iowa State Society1.5 ACG04/21/2017
131470Human TraffickingIowa State Society2 G04/21/2017
131471Mental Health Issues in a Clinic SettingIowa State Society1 G04/21/2017
131473Adolescent/Adult Vaccine ChangesIowa State Society1 CG04/21/2017
131472Self-Care for the Practicing Medical AssistantIowa State Society1 G04/21/2017
131694StrokesIA004 Linn1 CG04/15/2017
131479Discussion of Fetal Alcohol SyndromeIA003 Des Moines1.5 CG04/11/2017
131679Optimization of Nursing Role in an Advanced Heart Failure Outpatient ClinicUnityPoint Clinic1 CG04/10/2017
131378Care Management of the Patient with DiabetesMercy Medical Center-Des Moines3.5 CG04/01/2017
131538Medical Office Management StylesIA006 Siouxland1 AG03/30/2017
131537Cardiac MedicationsIA002 North Iowa1 CG03/27/2017
1314372017 Spring SymposiumMercy Medical Center-Des Moines4 CG03/25/2017
131435Intermediate 12-lead EKG CourseMercy Medical Center8 C03/23/2017
131402MA Scribes in the WorkplaceIA008 Shoquoquon1 AG03/21/2017
1313772017 Colorectal Cancer ConferenceMercy Medical Center-Des Moines3.5 CG03/11/2017
131314Advance Care Planning: Caring for Our Patients Before the End of LifeIA004 Linn1 G03/08/2017
131324Adult Congenital Heart Disease-Focus on Family Practice & PregnancyMercy Medical Center1 CG03/02/2017
131212Immunization UpdateIA002 North Iowa1 CG02/27/2017
131184Morbid Obesity: A Growing American EpidemicMercy Medical Center-Des Moines5 CG02/25/2017
131185Iowa Ortho Annual Workers’ Compensation ConferenceMercy Medical Center-Des Moines7 CG02/16/2017
130923CPT Basic Coding ClassUnity Point Clinic6 A02/09/2017
131112The Importance of Prenatal Labs: PIH and Regular OB VisitsIA004 Linn1 CG02/08/2017
13111426th Annual Cardiovascular TodayMercy Medical Center-Des Moines5.5 CG02/04/2017
131684Mandatory Reporting: Child and Dependent Adult AbuseMercy Medical Center - North Iowa2 AG01/26/2017
131007Diabetes Update: New and Emerging Hypoglycemic AgentsIA007 Northwest Iowa1 CG01/23/2017
131002Hematology and Oncology Updates 2017IA008 Shoquoquon1 CG01/17/2017
130922ICD-10-CM Basic Coding ClassUnity Point Clinic6 A01/12/2017
130958Percutaneous Valve TherapiesMercy Medical Center1 C01/05/2017
130914Skin Cancers and Skin DisordersIA004 Linn1 CG12/14/2016
130816Cardiovascular Medical TerminologyMercy Medical Center-Des Moines16 G12/07/2016
130891Cultural Diversity and BeliefsMercy Medical Center1 G12/01/2016
131403Breast Cancer UpdatesIA008 Shoquoquon1 CG11/22/2016
130854Mercy Quality CIN Fall 2016 CME ConferenceMercy Medical Center-Des Moines3.5 AG11/19/2016
130865Mercy Cancer Education Series: Update on the Management of Breast CancerMercy Medical Center - North Iowa1 CG11/17/2016
130851Overview of Type 2 DMIA003 Des Moines1.5 CG11/15/2016
130870Cultivating the Highest Level of Patient Satisfaction throughout the VisitIA004 Linn1 G11/09/2016
1305888th Annual Fall ConferenceMercy Medical Center2.5 CG11/05/2016
130788Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Evaluations: What do they tell us?Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines1 C11/03/2016
130679Welcoming the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Community to Your Medical OfficeIA001 Ames1.5 G10/22/2016
1307012016 Fall SymposiumMercy Medical Center-Des Moines4 CG10/22/2016
130676Harnessing Habits for Self-Management of Chronic IllnessIA001 Ames1 G10/22/2016
130677Success at the Front DeskIA001 Ames2 AG10/22/2016
130678Hazardous Communication Safety Data SheetsIA001 Ames1 ACG10/22/2016
130709Facing Fragility: Overcoming OsteoporosisIA003 Des Moines2 CG10/19/2016
13048117th Annual Neurology Update for Primary Care ConferenceMercy Medical Center-Des Moines4.5 CG10/15/2016
130587Cardiovascular Registries- How Data Drives Clinical OutcomesMercy Medical Center1.5 AG10/06/2016
130483Regional Training: Immunization and TB UpdateMercy Medical Center-Des Moines4 CG10/03/2016


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132412Drugs In Our CommunityKY017 South Central Kentucky1 G09/27/2017
132400ConstipationKY013 Purchase Area1 C09/18/2017
132126GoutKY013 Purchase Area1 C08/28/2017
132145Coding for Injections and InfusionsKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A08/21/2017
132144Coding for Injections and InfusionsKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A08/21/2017
132122Chronic Kidney DiseaseKY009 Madison1 C08/07/2017
132073Insurance - What You Need to Know When Doing a Prior Authorization or PrecertKY013 Purchase Area1 A07/17/2017
132000Skin Care- Skin ConditionsKY001 Central Kentucky1 CG06/20/2017
131707Understanding Ulcerative Colitis and Short Bowel SyndromeKY013 Purchase Area1 G06/19/2017
131931HPV: You are the Key to Cancer Prevention – Lunch & LearnSouthern Kentucky Area Health Education Center1 CG05/22/2017
131591Dealing with the Loss of a Loved OneKentucky State Society1 G04/23/2017
131782Sleep-Are you Deprived?Kentucky State Society1 C04/23/2017
131776A New Era in Pediatric OrthopedicsKentucky State Society1 AC04/22/2017
131710Organizational Silence: Why Are Healthcare Workers Afraid to Speak Up?Kentucky State Society2 G04/22/2017
131711Overdose Protection - Updates on NaloxoneKentucky State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131709Chair Yoga in the WorkplaceKentucky State Society1 G04/22/2017
131598Pertussis and Vaccine UpdateKentucky State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131599Updates on Women's Health IssuesKentucky State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131594Understanding How Health Care Leaders Review the Care Process/Care TeamsKentucky State Society1 G04/22/2017
131775The Importance of Sympathy & Empathy in the Healthcare SystemKentucky State Society1.5 G04/21/2017
131712How Do You Say That and What Does It Mean? A Medical Terminology ReviewKentucky State Society1 G04/21/2017
131592Discrimination in the WorkplaceKentucky State Society1 G04/21/2017
131593Update on the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting SystemKentucky State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131303Major Depression DisorderKY013 Purchase Area1 CG03/20/2017
131304GERDKY013 Purchase Area1 CG03/20/2017
131197Know the Risks: E-Cigarettes and Young PeopleSouthern Kentucky Area Health Education Center1 CG02/20/2017
131021Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseKY013 Purchase Area1 CG12/19/2016
130895Breast Reduction - Consultation to New BraKY013 Purchase Area1 CG11/21/2016
130716CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)KY013 Purchase Area1 CG10/24/2016
130531Outpatient Cardiac MonitoringKY013 Purchase Area1 C09/26/2016


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132254Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) - Day 2Eastern Maine Medical Center6.5 G10/30/2017
132253Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) - Day 1Eastern Maine Medical Center6.5 G10/15/2017
132010Incorporating CDK 4/6 Inhibitors in the Treatment of Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast CancerEastern Maine Medical Center1 CG09/14/2017
132061The Importance of Colorectal ScreeningPenobscot Community Health Care1 CG07/10/2017
132057Tier Team-Based Care - Tier 2Maine CDC Chronic Disease Prevention and Control4.5 CG07/01/2017
132011The 23rd Annual Maine Child Welfare ConferenceEastern Maine Medical Center6 G06/22/2017
132022Best Practices for Blood Pressure ManagementMaine Cardiovascular Health Council3 CG06/15/2017
132009Relapsed/Refractory Multiple MyelomaEastern Maine Medical Center1 CG06/15/2017
131906Opiates - All You Need to KnowME002 Kennebec Valley1.5 CG06/03/2017
131908Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment in Every PracticeME002 Kennebec Valley1 CG06/03/2017
131907Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender PatientsME002 Kennebec Valley1.5 G06/03/2017
131874EMMC Employee Health & Fitness ConferenceEastern Maine Medical Center5 G05/12/2017
131916How to Take Charge of Your Professional DevelopmentEastern Maine Medical Center3 G05/09/2017
131580Evaluation and Treatment of Patient with Superficial Venous InsufficiencyMaine State Society1 CG05/06/2017
131581Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderMaine State Society2 CG05/06/2017
131582Release of Patient/Client InformationMaine State Society1 AG05/06/2017
131583The Jehovah's Witness PatientMaine State Society1.5 G05/06/2017
131806Tiered Team-Based Care - Tier 1Maine Cardiovascular Health Council3 CG05/01/2017
131344MedicationsME001 Penobscot1.5 CG04/01/2017
131345Handling Angry Patients/Patient ChartingME001 Penobscot1.5 AG04/01/2017
131346Customer Service with PatientsME001 Penobscot1.5 G04/01/2017
131065Treatment and Recognition of ConcussionsPenobscot Community Health Care1 CG02/20/2017
131915Change Management for LeadersEastern Maine Medical Center3 G02/14/2017
130952Women's Health Issues with Heart DiseaseME003 Southern Maine1 CG01/21/2017
130953Infectious Disease - Zika VirusME003 Southern Maine1 CG01/21/2017
130954Integrated HealthME003 Southern Maine1 G01/21/2017
130955OB-GYN - Female Health RecommendationsME003 Southern Maine1 CG01/21/2017
131066Evidenced-Based Management of Low BackPenobscot Community Health Care1 CG01/16/2017
130848You Are the Key to HPV Cancer PreventionPenobscot Community Health Care1 CG11/15/2016
130826Innovations in Managing Cardiovascular DiseaseMaine Cardiovascular Health Council4.5 CG11/10/2016
130913Navigating Challenging Personalities in the WorkplaceEastern Maine Medical Center3 G11/07/2016
130744Sports Related Concussions: Heads UpME002 Kennebec Valley1 G11/05/2016
130745Is it Delirium, Dementia, or Alzheimer's? Signs, Symptoms, and TestsME002 Kennebec Valley1.5 CG11/05/2016
130743Pelvic Organ Prolapse; Conservative and Surgical TreatmentME002 Kennebec Valley1 CG11/05/2016
130727Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) Day 2Eastern Maine Medical Center6.5 G10/30/2016
130726The Partridge Foundation 7th Annual Breast Cancer Symposium - Innovations in CareEastern Maine Medical Center4.5 CG10/20/2016
130724Access Site Management - Part of the TAVR Education SeriesEastern Maine Medical Center1.5 C10/19/2016
130725Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) Day 1Eastern Maine Medical Center6.5 G10/15/2016
130915LifeWings Teamwork Skills WorkshopEastern Maine Medical Center4 G10/01/2016
130533Preventative Care Screenings in Primary Care: Following USPSTF GuidelinesPenobscot Community Health Care1 G09/23/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131963Evaluation and Management: Step by StepMD003 Chesapeake Bay2 A06/03/2017
131848Phlebtomy EssentialsMD003 Chesapeake Bay2 C05/06/2017
131136Nutrition Update: WegmanAllegany College of Maryland3 G04/29/2017
131769Clinical Workshop 2017MedStar Medical Group3 AG04/22/2017
131566Successful LeadershipMD003 Chesapeake Bay2 G04/01/2017
130767Hyperactive Sexual Disorder and Other Hormonal Issues in WomenMaryland State Society1 CG11/05/2016
130768Naturopathic MedicineMaryland State Society1 CG11/05/2016
130766Treating the Transgender PatientMaryland State Society1 G11/05/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132116DysphagiaMA010 Worcester District1 C11/01/2017
131944Zoll Life VestMassachusetts State Society1 C09/23/2017
131945Congestive Heart FailuresMassachusetts State Society2 CG09/23/2017
131947Are You a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen? Nutrition for Women's HealthMassachusetts State Society1 CG09/23/2017
131948Working Smarter: Prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD)Massachusetts State Society2 CG09/23/2017
131804What Every CMA Should Know About Medical Insurance and BillingMA005 Hampden District1.5 AG05/20/2017
131805Specimen IntegrityMA005 Hampden District1.5 CG05/20/2017
131442Medical Records - The SOAP NoteMassachusetts State Society1.5 A04/29/2017
131443Team Building between Health Care Professionals and PatientsMassachusetts State Society1.5 G04/29/2017
131444Improve Perspective, Improve PerformanceMassachusetts State Society2 G04/29/2017
131397Antimicrobial Resistance A Growing Global Health ThreatMA004 Greater Fall River1 CG04/12/2017
131449Respiratory for Medical AssistantsMA010 Worcester District5 CG04/08/2017
130906Life Cycle of a Prescription and Why It MattersMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 CG03/08/2017
130916Skin EmergenciesMA010 Worcester District1 AG02/01/2017
131036Food and MoodBristol Community College2.5 G01/31/2017
131037Substance AbuseBristol Community College2.5 CG01/31/2017
131034Adult DepressionBristol Community College2.5 CG01/31/2017
131035Death and DyingBristol Community College2.5 G01/31/2017
130928Diversity TrainingMA003 Greater Boston1.5 G01/17/2017
130927Professional Communication & NetworkingMA003 Greater Boston1.5 G01/17/2017
130213ESI TriageMA010 Worcester District1 CG12/07/2016
130800Communicating Across the Generations (at the Medical Office)MA004 Greater Fall River1 G11/09/2016
130547Electronic Health Records: Leveraging the Work of Medical Assistants to Improve Patient CareMA010 Worcester District1 AG11/02/2016
130710Overview of Schizophrenia, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorders & Substance Abuse DisordersMA005 Hampden District2 CG10/22/2016
130740Reiki: Ways to Reduce Anxiety/Pain and Promote Healing in Conjunction with Traditional Med TreatmentMA005 Hampden District1 G10/22/2016
130396Preceptor Workshop for Medical AssistantMassachusetts State Society2 G10/01/2016
130600Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant's RoleMassachusetts State Society2 CG10/01/2016
130623Blood Collection, Equipment for Venipuncture and Capillary SpecimensMassachusetts State Society1 C10/01/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132235MAPPING Drugs for SafetyMI022 Macomb1 A05/15/2018
132259Personal Training Benefits, Both Mental and PhysicalMI022 Macomb1 CG03/20/2018
132238Benefits of Massage TherapyMI022 Macomb1 CG02/20/2018
132185Human TraffickingMI022 Macomb1 G01/16/2018
132258A Patient's Story of Two Transplants; One Unsuccessful, One SuccessfulMI022 Macomb1 C12/12/2017
132236HIE and the Medical AssistantMI022 Macomb1 A11/21/2017
132184The Importance of Good Dental HygieneMI022 Macomb CG10/17/2017
132390Value Based Care, PCMH and Incentive PaymentsMI021 Greater Wexford1 A10/04/2017
132321True Colors: Keys to Personal SuccessMI009 Jackson1 G09/21/2017
132402Services Provided at Family and Children's ServicesMI010 Kalamazoo1.5 G09/19/2017
132183Adult and Infant CPRMI022 Macomb2 C09/19/2017
132360Sensory Issues in PediatricsMichigan State Medical Society1 C09/15/2017
132361Physical Therapy for Pelvic and Abdominal DysfunctionMichigan State Medical Society1 C09/15/2017
132362Anapyhlaxis and Epinephrine AutoInjectorMichigan State Medical Society1 C09/15/2017
132364Quality Payment ProgramsMichigan State Medical Society1 A09/15/2017
132363Sterile TechniqueMichigan State Medical Society1 C09/15/2017
132365MSMA Bowl of KnowledgeMichigan State Medical Society1 ACG09/15/2017
132367Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderMichigan State Medical Society1.5 CG09/15/2017
132368How To Burn OutMichigan State Medical Society1 G09/15/2017
132369Assisting the Disabled EffectivelyMI019 Wayne County1 C09/14/2017
132357Diabetes 101Henry Ford Medical Group2 C09/13/2017
132317Why Palliative CareMI015 Oakland1 CG09/13/2017
132291Recommended Injection SitesMI021 Greater Wexford1 C09/13/2017
132056Advance Care PlanningMI024 Sunrise Side1 G09/09/2017
132059Mercy Health Hauenstein Neuroscience Annual SymposiumMercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences6.5 CG09/08/2017
132189Quality Improvement ProgramMichigan Public Health Institute8 G09/01/2017
132146Stop Human Trafficking: Exploring modern day slavery in AmericaMI009 Jackson6 G08/24/2017
132191Newborn Triage FAQMI030 Southwest1 C08/12/2017
132055Diagnosis DementiaMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG08/12/2017
132115MA Learning Collaborative Session 5: Interdisciplinary TeamsIntegrated Health Partners2.5 G08/08/2017
132016Concussion Case Study - Topic 1MI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132017Concussion Case Study Topic 2MI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132018Pediatric Sports & Activity-Related Hand InjuriesMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132019Spondylolysis in a Teenage AthleteMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132021NCAA/NFL Football and CTEMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132020Primary Care - Another One Bites the Dust; Nonsurgical ManagementMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG07/21/2017
132085Human Side of Quality and Preventive HealthIntegrated Health Partners2.5 G07/11/2017
132088Bipolar DisorderMI030 Southwest2 C07/08/2017
132054Mindful Movement for HealingMI024 Sunrise Side1.5 G07/08/2017
131058Oncologic EmergenciesWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C07/07/2017
131057Multiple Myeloma: Unique Features in Pathology and TreatmentWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C06/16/2017
131953The Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR): What Can It do?MI007 Genesee1 AG06/14/2017
131950Current Topics and the Standards (of Adult Immunization)MI007 Genesee1 CG06/14/2017
131951Adult Immunization UpdateMI007 Genesee1 CG06/14/2017
131952Health Equity & Adult ImmunizationMI007 Genesee1 ACG06/14/2017
131954Moving Towards ChangeMI007 Genesee1 G06/14/2017
131955Travel Vaccines: Before You Reach Your DestinationMI007 Genesee1 CG06/14/2017
131957Antibiotic Resistance and the Value of VaccinesMI007 Genesee1 CG06/14/2017
131959Immunization Questions and Answers: An Expert Panel DiscussionMI007 Genesee1 CG06/14/2017
131956Navigating the Adult Immunization NeighborhoodMI007 Genesee1 G06/14/2017
131958Opportunities for Adults Who Are ImmunocompromisedMI007 Genesee1 ACG06/14/2017
131973Cancer Screening - Breast, Cervical, and ColorectalIntegrated Health Partners2 CG06/13/2017
132014Managing The Adult Hospice Resident's PainMI024 Sunrise Side1 G06/10/2017
131056Hodgkin Lymphoma (Hodgkin's Disease)West Michigan Cancer Center1 C06/02/2017
131885Opiate Addiction & Addiction Differentiation and DeterrenceMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG05/20/2017
131949The Effects of TraumaMI009 Jackson1 G05/18/2017
131881Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and ResearchMI010 Kalamazoo1.5 G05/16/2017
130810Myth Busting Flu VaccinesMI022 Macomb1 CG05/16/2017
130944AnaphylaxisSpectrum Health1 CG05/15/2017
131842Creating a Process and Model for ImprovementIntegrated Health Partners2.5 G05/09/2017
131726Breast Cancer UpdatedWest Michigan Cancer Center1 CG05/05/2017
131626Managing OB Patient CareMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG04/30/2017
131783The Perfect Storm Event: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chiropractic CareMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/30/2017
131621How to Engage the Front Office StaffMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG04/30/2017
131623Darkness to Light Stewards of ChildrenMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G04/29/2017
131619End of Life ConversationsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G04/29/2017
131784Leader Dog vs. Service DogMI004 Northwest Michigan1 G04/29/2017
131620Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG04/27/2017
131622Obstructive Sleep ApneaMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG04/27/2017
131725The Patient Journey: Radiation TherapyWest Michigan Cancer Center1 CG04/21/2017
131730Professionalism in the WorkplaceMI009 Jackson1 G04/20/2017
131690MIOSHA Update for Medical AssistantsMI019 Wayne County1 ACG04/20/2017
131625Sepsis (A Personal Perspective)Michigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G04/20/2017
131480Medication SafetySpectrum Health1 CG04/19/2017
131700Social Work Services at AlleganMI031 Allegan1 AG04/19/2017
131343The Power of FoodMI022 Macomb1 CG04/18/2017
131723Advance Directives and Patient AdvocatesMI010 Kalamazoo1.5 AG04/18/2017
131603Treatment Options for Joint PainMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG04/15/2017
131604Taking Control of Weight ManagementMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG04/15/2017
131605Heart Healthy GrillingMI010 Kalamazoo1 G04/15/2017
131606Female Healtlh Issues Panel DiscussionMI010 Kalamazoo1 CG04/15/2017
131724Responding to Patients & Families Awaiting a "Miracle"West Michigan Cancer Center1 G04/14/2017
131686ACT Assertive Community TreatmentMI015 Oakland1 G04/12/2017
131691Perception is Reality - Patient Focused CareMI026 Shiawassee1 G04/12/2017
131666Measuring QualityIntegrated Health Partners2.5 AG04/11/2017
131887Myths and Misconceptions about Weight LossMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG04/08/2017
131329Healthcare’s Alphabet Soup for 2017MI010 Kalamazoo1.5 AG03/29/2017
131350Stroke CareSpectrum Health1 CG03/27/2017
130809How an Autopsy Benefits the LivingMI022 Macomb1 CG03/21/2017
131988Opioid Epidemic and Overdose Prevention with NaxoleneMI010 Kalamazoo1.5 G03/21/2017
131361GERDMI025 Greater Kent1 CG03/18/2017
131432Insurance in the Medical OfficeMI021 Greater Wexford1 A03/18/2017
131431ErgonomicsMI021 Greater Wexford1 G03/18/2017
131463Gall Bladder101MI021 Greater Wexford1 CG03/18/2017
131459End of Life Care and HospiceMI021 Greater Wexford1 AG03/18/2017
131458Massage Therapy BenefitsMI021 Greater Wexford1 G03/18/2017
131406New Employee and Extern OnboardingMI009 Jackson1 AG03/16/2017
131320Emotional and Mental Well BeingMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG03/11/2017
131362Effective Staff Meetings and Medical Records ReleaseMI019 Wayne County1 AG03/09/2017
131311EEG Proper Placement, Applications and Determination from StudyMI015 Oakland1 C03/08/2017
131318Let's Get to the Point - AcupunctureMI026 Shiawassee1 CG03/07/2017
131055Area Agency on Aging UpdateWest Michigan Cancer Center1 G03/03/2017
130808Preventing Domestic ViolenceMI022 Macomb1 AG02/21/2017
131147Hospital Emergency ManagementMI009 Jackson1 G02/16/2017
130941Patient Centered Medical HomeSpectrum Health1 G02/15/2017
131186Zika Virus Epidemiology and Complications 2017MI024 Sunrise Side1 CG02/11/2017
131154InjectionsMI019 Wayne County1 C02/09/2017
130962MIOSHA Enforcement and Appeals OverviewMI015 Oakland1.5 AG02/08/2017
131156Risk Factors of Heart DiseaseMI026 Shiawassee1 CG02/08/2017
131266Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant’s RoleMI021 Greater Wexford2 CG02/07/2017
131493Surgical Scheduling in an OfficeMI032 Greater Detroit1 A02/02/2017
131073Medical Assistant Sharps SafetyMacomb Community College1 ACG02/02/2017
131084Hospice 101: The Final Journey (Core Concepts) and Managing the Adult Resident's PainMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G01/29/2017
131080HyperbaricMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG01/28/2017
131082Practice Managers Partnerships and the Practicum Focus for Patient SafetyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG01/28/2017
131081The Medical Assistant Role as a Patient Advocate and Communication Plan DevelopmentMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG01/28/2017
131083Pharmacy: Brand Name vs. Generic, Local vs. Mail AwayMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 CG01/28/2017
131040Much Ado About Clotting: A Guide for Your Clinical PracticeWest Michigan Cancer Center4 C01/27/2017
131079Infection Control Procedures in the Medical Office: How to Protect Yourself and Your PatientsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 CG01/27/2017
130807Putting Your Best Foot ForwardMI022 Macomb1 CG01/17/2017
130999Developing Survivorshiip Care PlansMI024 Sunrise Side1 ACG01/14/2017
130940Smoking CessationSpectrum Health1 G01/12/2017
130990Google Drive Features and BenefitsMI026 Shiawassee1 A01/11/2017
130987Pain ManagementMI015 Oakland1 CG01/11/2017
130963Advance Directives and Patient AdvocatesWest Michigan Cancer Center1 G01/06/2017
131495ReikiMI032 Greater Detroit1 G01/05/2017
130912Zika Virus Disease: What You Need to KnowMI025 Greater Kent1 CG12/17/2016
130551Surgery for Pancreatic CancerWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C12/16/2016
130246Perinatal Mood DisordersSpectrum Health1 CG12/14/2016
130892Surgical AwarenessMI022 Macomb1 CG12/13/2016
130550New Oral Chemotherapeutic AgentsWest Michigan Cancer Center1 CG12/02/2016
130908PCMH & Organized Systems of CareIntegrated Health Partners2.5 AG12/01/2016
131494Customer Service (in the Medical Office)MI032 Greater Detroit1 G12/01/2016
130247Child Abuse Recognition and ReportingSpectrum Health1 AG11/30/2016
130860Understanding SpirometrySpectrum Health1 C11/27/2016
130244The Insurance WebSpectrum Health1 A11/17/2016
130847Chiropractic: A better understandingMI009 Jackson1 CG11/17/2016
130806The Eye's Have ItMI022 Macomb1 CG11/15/2016
130650Senior Healtlh: Tips for Successful AgingMI019 Wayne County1 CG11/10/2016
130832Area Agency on AgingMI015 Oakland1 G11/09/2016
130799Vascular Ultrasound Anatomy and PathologyMI026 Shiawassee1 CG11/09/2016
131496What is Sepsis?MI032 Greater Detroit1 CG11/03/2016
130781Advanced Care Directives/ PlanningIntegrated Health Partners2.5 AG11/03/2016
130805Overview of Child Trauma, Symptoms, and TreatmentMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG11/01/2016
130243Asthma and COPD MedicationsSpectrum Health1 C10/26/2016
130704Common Respiratory Associated Diseases and IllnessesMI009 Jackson1 CG10/22/2016
130706The Changing Face of MarijuanaMI009 Jackson1 G10/22/2016
130707Mandated Reporter Training/CPS-Law Enforcement (LE) collaborationMI009 Jackson2 AG10/22/2016
130708Recognizing and Treating Mental Illness in Children and AdolescentsMI009 Jackson1 CG10/22/2016
130705Lessons Learned from Marijuana LegalizationMI009 Jackson1 G10/22/2016
130549Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral NeuropathyWest Michigan Cancer Center1 CG10/21/2016
130711MA Professional Development DaySpectrum Health6 ACG10/20/2016
130695The Ins and Outs of Various Types of InsuranceMI022 Macomb1 A10/18/2016
130584LAP Band/Gastric Sleeve - Surgical Options/Weight Loss/Morbidly ObeseMI031 Allegan1.5 C10/16/2016
130585Disease Process of DiabetesMI031 Allegan1.5 CG10/16/2016
130578Pediatric Mental IllnessesMI031 Allegan1 CG10/15/2016
130580Alternatives for Pain Managment/Preventing Burnout in HealthcareMI031 Allegan1 G10/15/2016
130583Ostomy/ColostomyMI031 Allegan1 CG10/15/2016
130577IT EtiquetteMI031 Allegan1 AG10/15/2016
130579Medication DNA TestingMI031 Allegan1 C10/15/2016
130581MRSA/Antiobiotics in Clinical PracticeMI031 Allegan1 CG10/15/2016
130582The Charcoal Foot in DiabetesMI031 Allegan1 CG10/15/2016
130649Managing Stress While Working in HealthcareMI019 Wayne County1 G10/13/2016
130696OTA and MA Working TogetherMI026 Shiawassee1 CG10/12/2016
130294Life at Performance Level (Communication, Conflict, Collaboration, Teamwork)Affinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130295Defining Performance Levels for Building a Successful TeamAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130296Health Care Providers Wellness and Resilience: Putting Your Own Oxgen Mask on FirstAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130297Emotional Intelligence: Increasing Your Leadership ImpactAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130298Cardiac Stress Testing: Indication, Utilization, and ImplicationsAffinia Health Network1 CG10/12/2016
130304Beyond the Basics: Support, Adherence, Progression, and Unmet Needs in DiabetesAffinia Health Network1 CG10/12/2016
130312Human Resources Update: What's New and What Should Be in Your HandbookAffinia Health Network1 AG10/12/2016
130313Tips for Improving Clinical Documentation in ICD 10 CM & BeyondAffinia Health Network1 A10/12/2016
130310Leveraging Successful Programs for Better Patient HealthAffinia Health Network1 A10/12/2016
130311Population Health Management - Analytics in ActionAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130314Meridian Health PlanAffinia Health Network1 A10/12/2016
130309BCBS/BCN Updates and Patient Satisfaction ExerciseAffinia Health Network1 AG10/12/2016
130302Exploring Crucial ConversationsAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130303Evolution and Challenges of Next Generation Accountable Care Organization in Western MIAffinia Health Network1 AG10/12/2016
130299Laws and Regulations Shaping Health CareAffinia Health Network1 G10/12/2016
130300Pain Management: Safety, Efficacy and Multimodal TherapyAffinia Health Network1.5 CG10/12/2016
130669Legal Documentation StamdardsMI015 Oakland1 AG10/12/2016
130245ReferralsSpectrum Health1 A10/11/2016
130548Pain ControlWest Michigan Cancer Center1 CG10/07/2016
130611Cancer Screenings - Breast, Cervical, and ColorectalIntegrated Health Partners2 CG10/06/2016
130643Role of Animals in HealthcareMI021 Greater Wexford1 G10/04/2016
130503Navigating Coding PitfallsMI010 Kalamazoo1.5 A09/29/2016
130422Ewe the FluSpectrum Health1 CG09/28/2016
130499Pharmacology ReviewMI009 Jackson1 C09/22/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132243Identifying Mental Health Crises and Utilizing Available ResourcesMN010 East Central1 AG09/09/2017
132242Use of Clinical Care Coordinator as a Resource for PatientsMN010 East Central1 AC09/09/2017
131917There is Something You Can Do About Your Osteoporosis: Caring for Your BonesMayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea and Austin1 CG07/27/2017
132079Electrocardiogram BasicsMN008 West Central1 NA07/24/2017
131971Basic Phlebotomy Techniques: The First Steps in Quality Patient ResultsHealthEast Medical Laboratory4 C06/30/2017
131727ICD-10 Past, Present & FutureMinnesota State Society2 A05/06/2017
131728Vaccinating Every Adolescent PatientMinnesota State Society2 CG05/06/2017
131729Pediatric Oral Health Assessment and Fluoride Varnish ApplicationMinnesota State Society2 ACG05/06/2017
131825Zika Virus: Is That Still a Thing??Minnesota State Society2 CG05/06/2017
131486The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Newborn ScreeningsMinnesota State Society1.5 CG05/06/2017
131485Applying Standards & Ethics: How Your Practice Represents Your WorkMinnesota State Society2 G05/06/2017
131487MNSURE Understanding Minnesota’s healthcare Insurance Market PlaceMinnesota State Society2 AG05/06/2017
131671TB or Not TBHealthEast Medical Laboratory1 CG04/11/2017
131504Hand Hygeine Best PracticesEssentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center1 CG04/01/2017
131505Epic Tips and TricksEssentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center1 A04/01/2017
131506Mock Code Blue/Medical Emergency Response for the Ambulatory SettingEssentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center1 CG04/01/2017
131503Communication in TeamsEssentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center1.5 G04/01/2017
131507Personal Safety in and Out of the WorkplaceEssentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center1 G04/01/2017
131044Preceptor Essentials: SE MNMayo Clinic7 G02/23/2017
131064Vector-Borne BloodsuckersHealthEast Medical Laboratory1 CG02/20/2017
131022The SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) Approach to FeedingFamily Practice Medical Center (FPMC)1 G01/31/2017
130429Hep C Updates and BasicsMinnesota State Society1.5 CG11/12/2016
130427Approaches to Osteoporosis/OsteopeniaMinnesota State Society1 CG11/12/2016
130430Service Dogs vs. Therapy Dogs: Assisting the Blind, Healing After Illness or InjuryMinnesota State Society1 G11/12/2016
130428Prenatal Care: Covering the BasicsMinnesota State Society1 CG11/12/2016
130431Having a Heart for Customer Service in HealthcareMinnesota State Society1 G11/12/2016
130432How Billing and Coding Work TogetherMinnesota State Society1 A11/12/2016
130845Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Conference: November 2016Minnesota Podiatric Medical Association7.5 CG11/11/2016


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131718You Make a Difference - Creating a Postive Effect on PatientsMissouri State Society1 G04/23/2017
131662Medical TourismMissouri State Society1 CG04/23/2017
131663OsteoporosisMissouri State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131664Self-Management SkillsMissouri State Society2 G04/22/2017
131665Revenue (in the Medical Office)Missouri State Society1 A04/22/2017
131657The Beat Must Go On - The Heart AttackMissouri State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131658Medical Terminology and Anatomy ReviewMissouri State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131659Supplementation and Exercise in Your Non Athlete PatientMissouri State Society1 G04/22/2017
131660Vaccine Storage and HandlingMissouri State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131661EndocrinologyMissouri State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131716Surgical Scheduling: Mastering the PuzzleMissouri State Society1 A04/22/2017
131717Special Diets: A Closer LookMissouri State Society1 G04/22/2017
131719Protect your Data - Protect your IdentityMissouri State Society1 A04/22/2017
130853Medical TourismMO013 Springfield1 CG11/17/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131588Pediatric GastroenterologyMontana State Society1 CG04/23/2017
131708Common Cases in Pediatric SurgeryMontana State Society1 CG04/23/2017
131713Unaccompanied Homeless Youth: Valuable Information for the Medical AssistantMontana State Society1 G04/22/2017
131589High Risk Prenatal CareMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131590Early Intervention of Diagnosis of COPDMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131584Hip Fracture Management, Hip Arthritis, and Direct Anterior Hip ArthoplastyMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131585Adult & Pediatric DentistryMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131586Case Management TeamMontana State Society1 AG04/22/2017
131587Physical Therapy: Care Related to Hip Fractures & ReplacementsMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2017


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132306About LGBT Elders (HEALE)Nebraska Methodist College7 CG11/09/2017
132331Stress Less! Skills to Help Manage the Madness of the Medical OfficeCEUNE005 Hastings1 G10/10/2017
132081Diabetes Care for Mother and BabyNebraska Methodist College2 C10/03/2017
132307All You Need Yo Know About DiabetesNE004 Omaha1.5 C09/19/2017
132172Refugee health issues and challenges faced by refugees in the U.S.NE002 Lincoln1 G09/18/2017
132117Understanding Sleep ApneaNE002 Lincoln1 C09/18/2017
132140Human TraffickingNE005 Hastings2 G09/12/2017
132164From Seeds To Trees: Transforming Evidence Into PracticeChildren's Hospital and Medical Center3.5 CG08/30/2017
132233Continuity of Care for Children With Special Health Care NeedsChildren's Hospital and Medical Center1 CG08/29/2017
132163Reflective Rounds: The Platinum RuleChildren's Hospital and Medical Center1 CG08/22/2017
132158Identifying and Dealing With Anxious and Agitated PeopleNebraska Methodist College4 CG08/11/2017
132078Management of Lymphedema in the Breast Cancer PatientNebraska Methodist College1 C07/26/2017
131858An Unforgettable Tribute to Health Care ProfessionalsChildren's Hospital and Medical Center1 G06/01/2017
131938Trauma Grand Rounds Drowning: A Quick and Silent Killer In ChildrenChildren's Hospital and Medical Center1 CG05/31/2017
131741Clinic/Hospital Patient Advocates Are There to Help YouNE005 Hastings1 AG05/09/2017
131736Phelebotomy for Healthcare ProfessionalsNebraska Methodist College6.5 C04/22/2017
131517Effective Means of Communication: Personal, Business and ProfessionalNebraska State Society1.5 G04/22/2017
131518Zika VirusNebraska State Society2 CG04/22/2017
131394Information Medical Assistants Use Regarding Coding/Billing in the Office CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCSNebraska State Society1 AG04/22/2017
131393Health Administrator: A Management ReviewNebraska State Society1.5 AG04/22/2017
131395Anal Rectal DiseasesNebraska State Society1 CG04/21/2017
131520How does Nebraska's Drug Monitoring Program Enhance Patient Safety?Nebraska State Society2 CG04/21/2017
131521Working with the Underinsured or Self Pay PatientNebraska State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131540Concussions: Facts and Treatment to ConsiderNebraska State Society2 CG04/21/2017
131501The Nonstress Test: A Review for Clinic StaffNebraska Methodist College1 CG04/11/2017
131370RPR TherapyNE005 Hastings1 CG04/11/2017
131670Heartland Pediatric Gastoenterology and Nutrition ConferenceChildren's Hospital and Medical Center4 CG04/07/2017
131558Dementia Care ConferenceNebraska Methodist College4.5 CG04/06/2017
131857The LGBTQ Experience: What Healthcare Professionals Should KnowChildren's Hospital and Medical Center3 G03/22/2017
131392Domestic Violence Through the Eyes of a ChildNE004 Omaha2 G03/21/2017
131340PTSDNE001 Grand Island1 CG03/18/2017
131341Managed Medicaid in the State of NebraskaNE001 Grand Island1 AG03/18/2017
131339DocumentationNE001 Grand Island1 AG03/18/2017
131342Meaningful Use and MACRANE001 Grand Island1 AG03/18/2017
131335The Angry PatientNE002 Lincoln2 G03/14/2017
130991You are the Key to HPV Cancer PreventionNE005 Hastings2 CG03/14/2017
1313552017 Pulmonary Medicine UpdateNebraska Methodist College2 CG03/10/2017
131118Basic BreastfeedingNebraska Methodist College7 CG02/23/2017
1311442017 Cardiovascular SymposiumNebraska Methodist College5 CG02/16/2017
130734A Medical Assistant"s Guide to DiabetesNE005 Hastings2 CG11/08/2016
130632CPRNE001 Grand Island6 C11/05/2016
130790Phlebotomy for Healthcare ProfessionalsNebraska Methodist College5.5 C11/02/2016
130557Chutes and Ladders: The Ups and Downs and Levels of Psychiatric CareNE004 Omaha2 G10/11/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132377Implementing Enhanced Roles for Medical AssistantsMountain Plains FASD Practice & Implementation Center1 G09/26/2017
132179Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: The Medical Assistant’s RoleMountain Plains FASD PIC1 G08/18/2017
132040Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant’s RoleCASAT - Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies1.5 CG06/27/2017

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132107Assessment and management of common pediatric respiratory illnessesNew Hampshire State Society1 C08/26/2017
132123Asthma Home Visiting ProgramNew Hampshire State Society1 C08/26/2017
132124Caring for Foster Children/Youth in your office – Who Decides What? Who Signs What?New Hampshire State Society1 G08/26/2017
132118Providing Team Based Healthcare to People who are Homeless: The Role of the Medical AssistantNew Hampshire State Society1 G07/22/2017
132119Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), OMT and OMM-Knowing about OsteopathyNew Hampshire State Society1 G07/22/2017
132121When I feel ResponsibleNew Hampshire State Society1 G07/22/2017
131967NH STD Update: Screening, Treatment and SurveillanceNew Hampshire State Society1 CG06/10/2017
131965Advances in Prostate TreatmentNew Hampshire State Society1 CG06/10/2017
131966Ensuring Excellence in Customer ServiceNew Hampshire State Society1 G06/10/2017
131423Managing Caregiver StressNew Hampshire State Society1 G04/08/2017
131429Meditation and Breath Work for Health and HealingNew Hampshire State Society1.5 G04/08/2017
131439Fun and Games with Medical AssistingNew Hampshire State Society2 ACG04/08/2017
131440Diabetes and NutritionNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/08/2017
131441Identification, Assessment and Treatment of Arterial Ulcers; It Takes a TeamNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/08/2017
131424Points of Dispensing Operations Review and Hands-on ExerciseNew Hampshire State Society2 G04/07/2017
131419Amblyopia & StrabismusNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/07/2017
131421An Overview of Organ and Tissue Donation – Working Together to Save LivesNew Hampshire State Society1 G04/07/2017
131430Effectively Communicating with PatientsNew Hampshire State Society1 G04/07/2017
131420The Quality Payment ProgramNew Hampshire State Society1 AG04/07/2017
131422Refugee Resettlement in the Granite State (And Refugee Health)New Hampshire State Society1 G04/07/2017
131085NH Immunization ConferenceCommunity Health Institute/JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.5 CG03/22/2017
130959Working towards solutions: Opioid Epidemic in NHNew Hampshire State Society1 CG01/21/2017
130960Screening for Tuberculosis, Lab Testing and Differentiating between Active & Latent TBNew Hampshire State Society1 CG01/21/2017
130961Coding & Documentation for Medical AssistantsNew Hampshire State Society1 A01/21/2017
130884Human Anatomy: A ReviewNew Hampshire State Society1 CG12/10/2016
130885Adolescent SleepNew Hampshire State Society1 CG12/10/2016
130802Nutrition Issues in the NewsNew Hampshire State Society1 G11/12/2016
130803The Opioid Crisis in New HampshireNew Hampshire State Society1 G11/12/2016
130804To Pap or Not to Pap? Cervical Cancer Screening and Management of Abnormal Pap SmearsNew Hampshire State Society1 CG11/12/2016
130565NAMI Military Veterans Voices (Valuable Information for the Medical Assistant)New Hampshire State Society1.5 G10/15/2016
130567Domestic & Sexual Violence 101New Hampshire State Society1.5 AG10/15/2016
130569The Wonders of C. DiffNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG10/15/2016
130566Public Health Preparedness in NH: What Are We Doing and How Can I HelpNew Hampshire State Society1.5 G10/15/2016
130568Essentials of Basic Dysrhythmia InterpretationNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG10/15/2016

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131642Integrative MedicineNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131644Medical Practice ManagementNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG04/22/2017
131641Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular InterventionNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131643Life Coaching for Professionals - How to Manage StressNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131645Zika VirusNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
130770Management of Electronic Data in the Medical OfficeNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG11/06/2016
130772Fostering a Healthy Environment Through CommunicationNew Jersey State Society1.5 G11/06/2016
130771Audiology & the Advances in Diagnostic and Rehabilative Services/Hearing and Balances DisordersNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG11/06/2016
130773Developing of Self-Care and Reliency: Protective Skills for Preventing BurnoutNew Jersey State Society1.5 G11/06/2016
130774Diagnosing Brain Disorders/Disease/Injuries Through CAT Scan ImagingNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG11/06/2016

New Mexico

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131513Elder Health Issues and HospiceNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/09/2017
131510Ethics in Rural America and End of Life DecisionsNew Mexico State Society2 G04/08/2017
131511Health and Weight LossNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/08/2017
131512Annual Wellness Medicare VisitNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/08/2017
131508Be Prepared for an Active ShooterNew Mexico State Society2 G04/07/2017
131509Skin Cancers and ShinglesNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/07/2017

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132273Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)NY009 Nassau2 C09/07/2017
132353Well Tots: Maternal Depression Education, Screening, and ReferralDocs for Tots1 CG08/01/2017
131733Clinical Thermographic ImagingNY008 Monroe1 CG05/20/2017
131735OSHA SafetyNY008 Monroe1 AG05/20/2017
131734Myth Busting Organ DonationNY008 Monroe1 G05/20/2017
131892Hep C Can Be CuredNY004 Erie1 CG05/16/2017
131799Ask the Carriers: 2017NY013 Onondaga5 AG05/11/2017
131722MigrainesNY009 Nassau2 CG05/04/2017
131757Southern Tier Tobacco Awareness CoalitionNY030 Finger Lakes1 G04/29/2017
131758Mindfulness Based Practices in Health CareNY030 Finger Lakes1 G04/29/2017
131759Welcoming LGBTQ Patients & ClientsNY030 Finger Lakes1 G04/29/2017
131611Understanding Brain Injury: Causes and ChallengesNew York State Society1.5 CG04/22/2017
131612Recognizing Child Abuse and How To Report ItNew York State Society1 AG04/22/2017
131613Navigating The Maze of Elder CareNew York State Society1 AG04/22/2017
131615What’s In a Word: Plenty, When It Comes to SclerodermaNew York State Society1.5 G04/22/2017
131616Red Cross Emergency Preparedness for the Medical OfficeNew York State Society1 G04/22/2017
131608Pain Management through Integrated MassageNew York State Society1 CG04/22/2017
131617HIPAA Privacy and SecurityNew York State Society1 AG04/21/2017
131618The Happiness Axis – Meeting of the Microbiome and the BrainNew York State Society1.5 G04/21/2017
131607Heroin and Other Opiate Use DisordersNew York State Society1 CG04/21/2017
131610The Medical Assistant's Role in a Mock DisasterNew York State Society1 G04/21/2017
131614Leaders Are People, TooNew York State Society1 G04/20/2017
131609HIV 101 & Updates/Benefits of Nutrition for Those Who Are HIV Positive/AIDSNew York State Society1.5 CG04/20/2017
131770Stress IncontinenceNY004 Erie1 CG04/18/2017
131514Thyroid NodulesNY009 Nassau2 CG04/06/2017
131192Kidney Disease: A General Overview, Programs, and ServicesNY004 Erie1 G03/21/2017
131267Are You Prepared? Emergency PlansNY004 Erie1 G03/11/2017
131268Deep Brain Stimulation TherapyNY004 Erie1 CG03/11/2017
131269What's New in the Insurance WorldNY004 Erie1 A03/11/2017
131244Modern Endovascular Treatments of Peripheral Arterial DiseaseNY009 Nassau2 CG03/02/2017
130843Learning About AllergiesNY008 Monroe1 CG11/19/2016
130842Clinical Yoga Therapy-Origins & Current TrendsNY008 Monroe1 G11/19/2016
130844The Dietitian and the Medical AssistantNY008 Monroe1 CG11/19/2016
130849Correctional HealthNY004 Erie1 CG11/15/2016
130824Travel Illnesses Caused by MosquitosNY002 Broome1.5 CG11/12/2016
130823There is an Emergency in the Office, Do You Know What to Do?NY002 Broome1 G11/12/2016
130755Advances in RheumatologyNY009 Nassau2 CG11/03/2016
130736Opioid Addiction and Narcan UseNY004 Erie1 G10/29/2016
130737Sexual HealthNY004 Erie1 G10/29/2016
130735Mindfulness and Mindful EatingNY004 Erie1 G10/29/2016
130698Surviving the Emergency Department: Common ComplaintsNY030 Finger Lakes1 CG10/22/2016
130699Prescription Drug Use & DependencyNY030 Finger Lakes1 CG10/22/2016
130700Tuberculosis Sclerosis Complex: Laina's StoryNY030 Finger Lakes1 G10/22/2016
130690Windsong Radiology TourNY004 Erie1 CG10/18/2016
130599Different Skin Conditions, Treatments with Different Lasers, and Skin CareNY009 Nassau2 CG10/06/2016

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132398Healthcare TriviaNC011 Union1 G10/14/2017
132393Amedysis and Hospice ServicesNC052 Lexington1 CG10/10/2017
132419Sexual Abuse and Domestic ViolenceNC021 Haywood1 G10/07/2017
132420The Opioid Epidemic and Ways to Reduce Harm (Part 1)NC021 Haywood1 CG10/07/2017
132422Sickle Cell Anemia: A Patient's PerspectiveNC021 Haywood1 C10/07/2017
132424Suicide PreventionNC021 Haywood1 CG10/07/2017
132423Exercise in Medicine: The Health Benefits of ExerciseNC021 Haywood1 CG10/07/2017
132418Rheumatoid ArthritisNC021 Haywood1 C09/19/2017
132260Thyroid OverviewNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C09/19/2017
131995Overview of Low Neck and Back PainNC047 Gaston1 CG09/19/2017
132374Integrating Technology into the ClassroomNC041 Surry1 G09/13/2017
132315OtolaryngologyNC052 Lexington1 C09/12/2017
132344Xtampza - Abuse Deterrent DrugNC040 Wilkes1 CG09/12/2017
132312After the Smoke Clears: Dealing with Stress ManagementNC041 Surry1 G09/12/2017
132373The Importance of a Colonoscopy ScreeningNC037 Nash1 C09/12/2017
132250Atrial FibrillationNC008 Greensboro1 C09/12/2017
132252Essential Oils 101 for Health and WellnessNC002 Burke1 CG09/12/2017
132282E & M Coding - Let's Keep It SimpleNC026 Albemarle1 A09/07/2017
132171Narcotics: The Prevalence and Treatment of the Newest American EpidemicNC011 Union1 CG08/29/2017
1318972nd Annual Clinical Update for Medical AssistantsMountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)6 CG08/26/2017
132087Organ and Tussue Donation: The Power To Save LivesNC013 Catawba1 AC08/22/2017
132067The Spectrum of Non-Alcoholic Hepatic SteatosisNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C08/15/2017
132051Going Beyond the ABCs of Diabetes CareNC021 Haywood1 CG08/15/2017
131211Digiital Infarred Thermal EnergyNC047 Gaston1 CG08/15/2017
132193Ergonomics In HealthcareNC017 High Point1 G08/14/2017
132129Gastric Bypass Surgery – A Patient’s PerspectiveNC041 Surry1 C08/08/2017
132111Fire SafetyNC052 Lexington1 G08/08/2017
132141Commitments To CareNC051 Alamance1 G08/08/2017
132151Handling ChangeNC008 Greensboro1 G08/08/2017
132142The Importance of Clinical ResearchNC002 Burke1 G08/08/2017
132104Riverwood Therapeutic Riding CenterNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/05/2017
132139Journey with A Breast Nurse NavigatorNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/05/2017
132105Active Shooter ResponseNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/05/2017
132103Domestic Violence and Connecting All the ResourcesNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/05/2017
132102Vaccines: ACIP Immunization Schedles and ChangesNorth Carolina State Society1 C08/05/2017
132109Estate Planning and Trust BasicsNorth Carolina State Society1 AG08/05/2017
132137The Diabetes Prevention ProgramNC026 Albemarle1 CG08/03/2017
132113What's Up With All Those Inhalers?NC013 Catawba1 C07/25/2017
132127Phlebotomy Skills in the Office SettingNC001 Buncombe1 C07/20/2017
132077OAB - Overactive BladderNC047 Gaston1 CG07/18/2017
132135The Dreaded Prior AuthorizationNC052 Lexington1 A07/11/2017
132076The Administrative MANC040 Wilkes1 AG07/11/2017
132074Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)NC041 Surry1 CG07/11/2017
132089Burn OutNC008 Greensboro1 G07/11/2017
132094Diabetes 123s and ABCsNC017 High Point1 C07/10/2017
132066Identification of Patients with NarcolepsyNC026 Albemarle1 CG07/06/2017
132024Colon Cancer - Signs & SymptomsNC013 Catawba1 CG06/27/2017
132027The Potter's House Substance Abuse Rehabilitation ProgramNC047 Gaston1 G06/20/2017
131985The 5 Love Languages & the Alzheimer's JourneyNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG06/20/2017
132002Basics of Diabetes CareNC021 Haywood1 CG06/20/2017
132026Therapeutic Botox - Chronic MigraineNC001 Buncombe1 CG06/15/2017
131902Primary Care Coordination Series: Part IVEastern Area Health Education Center3 G06/14/2017
132030Medical Assisting JeopardyNC008 Greensboro1 ACG06/13/2017
132007Pulmonary FibrosisNC008 Greensboro1 CG06/13/2017
132006Are You a Professional?NC051 Alamance1 G06/13/2017
131989Pain ManagementNC052 Lexington1 ACG06/13/2017
131987Medical Terminology 101NC041 Surry1 G06/13/2017
132008The Menopausal StagesNC037 Nash1.5 CG06/13/2017
131943Monitoring in Diabetes – Why does control MatterNC002 Burke1 CG06/13/2017
131901Primary Care Coordination Series: Part IIIEastern Area Health Education Center2 G06/09/2017
131964Early Motor Skill DevelopmentNC011 Union1 G06/08/2017
131997Attention Women: What You Need to Know About Heart DiseaseNC022 Pitt1 CG06/08/2017
131999Effective Appointment SchedulingNC018 Lenoir1 A06/06/2017
132070Medical Assisting JeopardyNC017 High Point1 ACG06/05/2017
131972What is the Area Agency of AgingNC026 Albemarle1 G06/01/2017
131900Primary Care Coordination Series: Part IIEastern Area Health Education Center2.5 G05/25/2017
131899Primary Care Coordination Series: Part 1Eastern Area Health Education Center2.5 G05/24/2017
131903Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer's DilemnaNC013 Catawba1 CG05/23/2017
131909Perinatal Substance UseNC001 Buncombe1 CG05/18/2017
131790Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: What's the Difference?NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG05/16/2017
131912Hospice and Palliative CareNC047 Gaston1 AG05/16/2017
131866Active Assailant SeminarNC041 Surry1 G05/09/2017
131668Humor, You, and the WorkplaceNC051 Alamance1 G05/09/2017
131883Domestic Violence: Types of Domestic ViolenceNC037 Nash1 G05/09/2017
131879Dementia Care and AwarenessNC040 Wilkes1 CG05/09/2017
131843Customer Service – What Are You Saying or Not Saying to Your Patient?NC002 Burke1 G05/09/2017
131802Pediatric Wellness - What You Need to KnowNC008 Greensboro1 CG05/09/2017
131990Keeping You Safe at WorkNC052 Lexington1 G05/09/2017
131849Medication SafetyNC021 Haywood1 CG05/06/2017
131851North Carolina Medicaid UpdateNC021 Haywood1 AG05/06/2017
131853Emergency Medicine Out of the OfficeNC021 Haywood1 C05/06/2017
131854Introduction to Down SyndromeNC021 Haywood1 CG05/06/2017
131850Working with Native American PatientsNC021 Haywood1 G05/06/2017
131852Balsam Center Behavioral Urgent Care: An OverviewNC021 Haywood1 G05/06/2017
131740Evolution of the Medical Assistant Role Within the Medical Practice EnvironmentNC026 Albemarle1 G05/04/2017
131905Ostomy CareNC018 Lenoir1 CG05/02/2017
131240Interviewing, Hiring, and Training New CMA's in the Medical OfficeNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/30/2017
131241How I Learned to Love Answering the PhoneNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/29/2017
131239Recent Advances in the Work-Up & Treatment of InfertilityNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/29/2017
130967Integrative Health Care Across the Life SpanMountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)6.5 CG04/29/2017
131236Are You Smarter than a Medical Assisting Student?North Carolina State Society1 ACG04/29/2017
131237Nutrition Made EasyNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/29/2017
131238Heal Your HeartNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/29/2017
131232Proton Pump InhibitorsNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131234Updates in Migraine TreatmentNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131231I Made an "F" - Dealing with Failure in the Medical OfficeNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/28/2017
131233Multiple Sclerosis: A General Overview and Resources for the CMA (AAMA)North Carolina State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131235Fetal Alcohol SyndromeNorth Carolina State Society2 CG04/28/2017
131732Human TraffickingNC013 Catawba1 G04/25/2017
131457Home Health ServicesNC047 Gaston1 AG04/18/2017
131697Medical Assisting JeopardyNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG04/18/2017
131747Facts About Cerebral PalsyNC021 Haywood1 CG04/18/2017
131667Death, Dying, and the 5 Stages of GriefNC051 Alamance1 G04/11/2017
131693Breast Cancer: A Survivor's StoryNC052 Lexington1 CG04/11/2017
131497Signs Your Patient May Need RehabNC041 Surry1 CG04/11/2017
131689Professionalism In Healthcare-Taking Your Job to ExcellenceNC037 Nash1 CG04/11/2017
131646Heart Attack - From the Patient's Point of ViewNC040 Wilkes1 CG04/11/2017
131994Manipulation - OMTNC002 Burke1 CG04/11/2017
132069Pregancy ChoicesNC017 High Point1 CG04/10/2017
131656Regional Surveillance OverviewNC026 Albemarle1 G04/06/2017
131794The Long and Rocky Road of Quality and Value Based Health CareNC018 Lenoir1.5 AG04/04/2017
131243Robin's Nest "Where the Healing Begins"NC013 Catawba1 AG03/28/2017
131415TB 101NC011 Union1 CG03/25/2017
131416Cardiac Rehabilitation: Who We Are, What We Do, and Why It is ImportantNC011 Union1 CG03/25/2017
131417Colon Cancer Facts Patients Need to KnowNC011 Union1 ACG03/25/2017
131413Cancer Touches Lives: A Patient's Point of ViewNC011 Union1 G03/25/2017
131414Benefits of Toxocology and GeneticsNC011 Union1 G03/25/2017
131519Health Information Technology: What You Need to Know About EHRNC022 Pitt1 AG03/23/2017
131418Normal Development in Early ChildhoodNC021 Haywood1 G03/21/2017
131560TENS UnitNC047 Gaston1 C03/21/2017
131408Animal Bites: A Common Chief Complaint OutlineNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG03/21/2017
131409Being an MA in a Non-Certified State/Radiography/Current and Future RoleNC017 High Point1 CG03/20/2017
131263Learning About NSTs (Non Stress Tests for Pregant Ladies)NC001 Buncombe1 CG03/16/2017
131146Enhancing the Radiographic Knowledge of the Medical Assistant - OverviewNC051 Alamance1 C03/14/2017
131354The Laboratory's Role in the Diagnosis of Thyroid FunctionNC002 Burke1 CG03/14/2017
131404Behavioral Substance Abuse in AdoloscentsNC008 Greensboro1 CG03/14/2017
131428Blood PressureNC040 Wilkes1 CG03/14/2017
131349Emergency ServicesNC041 Surry1 CG03/14/2017
131348DOT Medical Examination Report and Certificate RequirementsNC052 Lexington1 AG03/14/2017
131337Antibiotic Bead TherapyNC018 Lenoir1 CG03/07/2017
131270Overview of CCNC Pharmacy Services and The Importance of Accurate Medicine ListsNC026 Albemarle1 CG03/02/2017
131242Fire Safety in Medical FacilitiesNC013 Catawba1 G02/28/2017
131160Ovarian CancerNC008 Greensboro1 CG02/21/2017
131159Multiple SclerosisNC004 Charlotte2 CG02/21/2017
131149Electromyography Nerve Conduction TestNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG02/21/2017
131210Oral Diabetes MedicationsNC047 Gaston1 CG02/21/2017
131183Dementia DiagnosisNC021 Haywood1 CG02/21/2017
131273Communicable Diseases: The Good, The Bad and The UglyNC022 Pitt1 CG02/16/2017
131161PhysiatryNC001 Buncombe1 CG02/16/2017
131157Sports MedicineNC002 Burke1 CG02/14/2017
131127Speaking About SeizuresNC040 Wilkes1 CG02/14/2017
131347Communication SkillsNC052 Lexington1 G02/14/2017
131113Medical Assisting JeopardyNC041 Surry1 ACG02/14/2017
131130Specimen Collection and Processing ProceduresNC011 Union1 CG02/07/2017
130995Armed Intruder Training (for the Medical Office)NC018 Lenoir1 G02/07/2017
131077What Really Happens to Specimens That Are Sent to the Lab?NC026 Albemarle1 CG02/02/2017
131026American Red Cross Service (to the Armed Forces)NC013 Catawba1 G01/24/2017
132359BLS for Healthcare ProvidersNC013 Catawba2 C01/24/2017
131027Soft Skills in the Medical OfficeNC018 Lenoir1 G01/21/2017
131028Birth Control in the 21st CenturyNC018 Lenoir1 CG01/21/2017
131029A Case a Day Keeps the Doctor AwayNC018 Lenoir1.5 CG01/21/2017
131030Accessing Mental Health ServicesNC018 Lenoir1.5 AG01/21/2017
131031Stokes: New Treatments and Recovery PlansNC018 Lenoir1 CG01/21/2017
130948Scope of Practice for a Medical AssistantNC021 Haywood1 G01/17/2017
131014Treatment for Benign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoNC047 Gaston1 CG01/17/2017
131003Headaches: There's Hope! State of the Art Treatment and ResearchNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG01/17/2017
131005Lymphoma and Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaNC008 Greensboro1 CG01/10/2017
130904ICD-10 Changes for 2017-Part 2NC041 Surry1 A01/10/2017
130957Billing and Coding Urology ProceduresNC040 Wilkes1 A01/10/2017
130986New Updates on Diabetic Medicines and SuppliesNC002 Burke1 ACG01/10/2017
130964Watch Me: Celebrating Milestones and Sharing OutcomesNC052 Lexington1 G01/10/2017
130956The Basics of Diagnostic CodingNC026 Albemarle1 A01/05/2017
130935Bullying in the WorkplaceNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G12/20/2016
130910Uterine FibroidsNC017 High Point1 CG12/13/2016
130887Putting the Pieces Together - From Referral to Transplant to Everything BetweenNC021 Haywood1 AG12/13/2016
130888Medical Law and Ethics in the Doctor's OfficeNC013 Catawba1 G12/06/2016
130917Stress: The Effect on the CMA, the Patient, the Caregiver - Let's Learn Ways to ManageNC011 Union1 G12/06/2016
130903Vaccine TriviaNC052 Lexington1 CG12/06/2016
130911Find the Leader in YouNC026 Albemarle1 G12/01/2016
130850Gynecologic ProceduresNC017 High Point1 C11/28/2016
130828Risk Management in a Medical OfficeNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G11/15/2016
130418Anything is Pawsable with Service AnimalsNC021 Haywood1 G11/15/2016
131323Reporting Child Abuse and NeglectNC013 Catawba1 AG11/15/2016
130834Does Anyone Care? (The Patient and Family Relations Department)NC052 Lexington1 G11/08/2016
130920Professionalism in Health CareNC051 Alamance1 G11/08/2016
130763Vocational RehabilitationNC002 Burke1 AG11/08/2016
130833Vaccination and Immunizations for Adults and ChildrenNC004 Charlotte1 ACG11/08/2016
130590Performing CPR on Infants/Children (An Overview)NC008 Greensboro1 CG11/08/2016
130801ThermiVa and the "O" ShotNC040 Wilkes1 C11/08/2016
130820Patient Scenarios in Pain Management PracticeNC008 Greensboro1 ACG11/05/2016
130630An Office Manager's PerspectiveNC008 Greensboro2 AG11/05/2016
130631Breast Cancer Imaging: Are We Making a Difference?NC008 Greensboro1 CG11/05/2016
130784Auditing Medical Records: Medicaid GuidelinesNC026 Albemarle1 AG11/03/2016
130861Sleep DisordersNC018 Lenoir1 CG11/01/2016
130765ICD-10 Changes for 2017-Part 1NC041 Surry1 A11/01/2016
130747PACE at Home: A Twist to Home Health CareNC013 Catawba1 G10/25/2016
130683Conflict and Your PatientsNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G10/18/2016
130262STIs and Vaginal Infections - Diagnosis, Treatment and PreventionNC021 Haywood1 CG10/18/2016
130263A Medical Assistant's Role in Lab Procedure in a Medical OfficeNC021 Haywood1 C10/18/2016
130901Update in Breast ImagingNC047 Gaston1 CG10/18/2016
130655Moebius SyndromeNC052 Lexington1 CG10/11/2016
130640Living with COPD and CHFNC002 Burke1 CG10/11/2016
130642Educating Doctors About Patients Abusing Prescription DrugsNC008 Greensboro1 G10/11/2016
130424Inflammatory Breast CancerNC040 Wilkes1 CG10/11/2016
1306912016-17 Influenza UpdateNC017 High Point1 CG10/10/2016
130618CDC and OSHA and Safety Regulations in Ambulatory CareNC011 Union1 ACG10/08/2016
130619The Importance of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer ScreeningNC011 Union1 G10/08/2016
130616Patient Advocate and Patient Navigator: What an MA Needs to KnowNC011 Union1 AG10/08/2016
130617Healthy Eating Habits and Overall Physical HealthNC011 Union1 G10/08/2016
130620Current Theories on Aging Trends in Antiaging MedicineNC011 Union1 G10/08/2016
1303361st Annual Clinical Update for Medical AssistantsMountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)2 CG10/08/2016
130621Communication, Technology, and EtiquetteNC026 Albemarle1 AC10/06/2016
130485CPR Certification/Re-CertificationNC041 Surry4 C10/04/2016
130415Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse and NeglectNC021 Haywood2 AG10/01/2016
130417The Importance of Proper Interpretation & Cultural SensitivityNC021 Haywood2 G10/01/2016
130416Women's Breast CareNC021 Haywood1 CG10/01/2016
130470Getting to Know the Joint CommissionNC021 Haywood1 G10/01/2016
130077Desomorphine aka KrokodilNC021 Haywood1 CG10/01/2016
130532CPRNC013 Catawba4 C09/27/2016

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131539Grief, Loss, Death, and DyingOH016 Tri-County1 G01/02/2018
132382AsthmaOH027 West Central1 C10/14/2017
132383Allergy Diagnosis Testing and ManagementOH027 West Central1 C10/14/2017
132384Seizure Diagnosis and New Antiepileptic MedicationsOH027 West Central1 C10/14/2017
132385Community Resources For the Pediatric PatientOH027 West Central1 CG10/14/2017
132380From Silence to Sound: Cochlear ImplantsOH009 Heartland2 C09/26/2017
132397Avoiding Phlebotomy Related LawsuitsOH011 Stark2  09/23/2017
132394Healthier Way Of LivingOH002 Ohio Valley1 CG09/19/2017
132320ResiliencyOH029 Southwest1 G09/19/2017
132378HEDIS Measures ReviewOH027 West Central1 A09/18/2017
132237Increasing Your Capacity for EmpathyOH016 Tri-County1 G09/05/2017
132181More Than Skin Deep: Skin Cancer In AmericaOH009 Heartland2 C08/29/2017
132125Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Role of the Medical AssistantOH028 Montgomery2 C08/19/2017
132150Da Vinci/Robotic Colectomy, Rectal Resection, and Hernia SurgeryOH028 Montgomery1 C08/19/2017
132153End of Life Care for Your Terminally Ill Patient or Loved OneOH002 Ohio Valley1 CG08/15/2017
132084Women's Cancer IssuesOH002 Ohio Valley1 CG07/18/2017
132029Motivational InterviewingOH002 Ohio Valley1 G06/20/2017
132075Wellness Solutions for ArthritisOH009 Heartland2 CG06/20/2017
131895What is a Neurologist?OH002 Ohio Valley1 G05/16/2017
131921So Much So Fast - Dealing with ALSOH009 Heartland2 CG05/16/2017
131369Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Role of the Medical AssistantOH003 Franklin2 CG05/06/2017
131785The Younger Generation of Hearing LossOH003 Franklin1 G05/06/2017
131789Orthopedic Considerations for the Pregnant PatientOH003 Franklin1 CG05/06/2017
131787Hospice and Palliative CareOH016 Tri-County1 G05/02/2017
131628Surgical Options for the Obstructive Sleep ApneaOhio State Society1 CG04/29/2017
131631Practice Transformation: Improving Quality Care One Practice at a TimeOhio State Society1 G04/29/2017
131627Medicare Part B Update: Spring 2017Ohio State Society2 AG04/29/2017
131629The Disease of Addiction - A Parent's PerspectiveOhio State Society1 G04/29/2017
131630Colorectal Cancer - A Team Approach to Increase ScreeningOhio State Society1 CG04/29/2017
131632Leadership: Communication and Professionalism PanelOhio State Society1 G04/29/2017
131650Recognizing and Responding to Victims of Human TraffickingOhio State Society1 G04/28/2017
131635Utilizing Technology to Support Patient Engagement & Related Payment Reform RequirementsOhio State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131648Claimant and Healthcare Fraud within OBWCOhio State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131651Knowledge BowlOhio State Society1 ACG04/28/2017
131633Cancer Screening and PreventionOhio State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131634E & M Coding - Using Chart Audits to Improve Your Patient's Coding and ComplianceOhio State Society1 A04/28/2017
131636The Indispensible Front Desk Staff Assistant: Tips on How to Make You the Star of the OfficeOhio State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131649The Hazards of EHR and EMR Templates!Ohio State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131638Root Cause Analysis: An Opportunity for DiscoveryOhio State Society1 AG04/27/2017
131640Good, Better, Best - Writing Effective Test QuestionsOhio State Society1 G04/27/2017
131637Scabies, Lice, and Bedbugs - Oh My!Ohio State Society1 CG04/27/2017
131639Diabetes ManagementOhio State Society1 CG04/27/2017
131701Crystalline Arthritis - GoutOH029 Southwest1 CG04/20/2017
131699Transitional Care ClinicOH002 Ohio Valley1 G04/18/2017
131704Two of a Kind - Schizophrenia (and Other Disorders)OH009 Heartland2 CG04/18/2017
131498Muscular SystemOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/04/2017
131364Medical Documentation and Quality Care AnalyticsOH016 Tri-County1 AG04/01/2017
131363Primer on the Orthotic Trauma PatientOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/01/2017
131515Emotional Support in Patient CareOH016 Tri-County1 G04/01/2017
131368Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Role of the Medical AssistantOH016 Tri-County2 CG04/01/2017
131367Responding to Critical Incidents - Active ShooterOH003 Franklin1 G03/25/2017
131025Healthcare Overview (Finding Joy in My Heathcare Vocation)OH003 Franklin1 G03/25/2017
131360Blunt Force and Trauma (First Aid)OH009 Heartland2 CG03/21/2017
131193Infectious Disease: Why do a ReferralOH002 Ohio Valley1 ACG03/21/2017
131315A Modern Approach to the Hearing Loss PatientOH029 Southwest1 CG03/18/2017
131316Zika VirusOH029 Southwest1.5 CG03/18/2017
131317Legal Issues of the Minor PatientOH029 Southwest1.5 AG03/18/2017
131465Clean- Sterile TechniqueTriHealth1 C03/16/2017
131122Delayed Cord ClampingOH027 West Central1 CG03/11/2017
131123Diabetes In PregnancyOH027 West Central1 CG03/11/2017
131125Teratogens In PregnancyOH027 West Central1 CG03/11/2017
131124PrematurityOH027 West Central1 CG03/11/2017
131373Safety in the Medical OfficeOH004 Cuyahoga1 G03/11/2017
131375HIPPA Privacy and SecurityOH004 Cuyahoga1 AG03/11/2017
131374Medical/Medication ErrorsOH004 Cuyahoga1 CG03/11/2017
131376Introduction to Health InformaticsOH004 Cuyahoga1 AG03/11/2017
131327Communication in Healthcare (Onsite Presentation)OH014 Summit1 G03/11/2017
131372Vaccine/Immunization UpdatesOH014 Summit1.5 CG03/11/2017
131325Correlations between Respiratory and CardiologyOH014 Summit1.5 CG03/11/2017
131326Successful Strategies for Caregiver Survival: Dealing with the Disabled PersonOH014 Summit1.5 G03/11/2017
131310American Red Cross: Understanding the RoleOH016 Tri-County1 G03/07/2017
131119Overview of Suicide – Research, Trends, Prevention and AssessmentOH027 West Central2 CG03/03/2017
131120Suicide InterventionsOH027 West Central1 G03/03/2017
131121Psychiatric Medications in AdolescentsOH027 West Central1 CG03/03/2017
131259Documentation & Liability – Protecting Your PracticeOH011 Stark2 A02/28/2017
131143Alzheimer's DementiaOH029 Southwest1.5 CG02/21/2017
131189Visiting Angels Living Assistance ServicesOH002 Ohio Valley1 G02/21/2017
131191Active Shooter (in the Medical Office)OH028 Montgomery1 G02/18/2017
131180Coronary Heart DiseaseOH028 Montgomery1 CG02/18/2017
131181Holy Macra! Understanding MIPS ComponentsOH028 Montgomery1 A02/18/2017
131071Fracture OrthosisOH016 Tri-County1 C02/07/2017
130399Pelvic Floor Physical TherapyOH003 Franklin1 CG01/28/2017
130400Bone HealthOH003 Franklin1 CG01/28/2017
130840Corneal TransplantationOH029 Southwest1.5 CG01/17/2017
131004Dealing with the Difficult Patient/FamilyOH002 Ohio Valley1 G01/17/2017
130862Effectively Using EHR Functionality to Manage Patients with Hypertension & DiabetesOH027 West Central1 AG01/16/2017
130947Why Develop a Policy ManualOH016 Tri-County1 AG01/03/2017
130909Insights into Vascular DiseaseOH009 Heartland2 CG12/13/2016
130836Eating Disorders in the 21st CenturyOH029 Southwest2 CG11/19/2016
130837Borderline Personality Disorder and DBTOH029 Southwest2 CG11/19/2016
130841Addressing Race and Language Disparities in Health CareUniversity of Cincinnati Blue Ash College1.5 G11/15/2016
130866Wide Awake - InsomniaOH009 Heartland2 CG11/15/2016
130827Primetime Office on AgingOH002 Ohio Valley1 G11/15/2016
130759Active Shooter Response in a Medical FacilityOH012 Toledo Lucas1 G11/12/2016
130738AutismOH014 Summit1 CG11/12/2016
130739Perioperative Area; Preoperative ClearanceOH014 Summit1 AG11/12/2016
130758Knowing When to Get Help: Ten IndicatorsOH012 Toledo Lucas1 G11/12/2016
130760End of Life CareOH012 Toledo Lucas1 G11/12/2016
130792Mysteries of the Lab: Specimen Collection and TestingOH014 Summit1 CG11/12/2016
130793Credit Card Transactions in the Medical OfficeOH014 Summit1 AG11/12/2016
130402Cultural Competence and Implicit BiasOH003 Franklin3 G11/05/2016
130769Navigating the Patient Through Referrals and Specialized TrainingOH016 Tri-County1 AG11/01/2016
130633Cardiothoracic Robotic Applications for 2016: Open Your Heart to New TechniquesOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130634Live from Lima Its Prostatectomy Live Starring Craig NicholsonOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130636Presenting a Potpourri of Pediatric ProblemsOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130637Getting to the Bottom Line: Open vs. Robotic ColectomyOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130638Finding the M & M’s of Gynecology (Mesh and Morcellation)OH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130639Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgical Procedures and the Patient ExperienceOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2016
130896Medical Assistants and Orthodontics: How to Advocate for the PatientOH011 Stark1 CG10/22/2016
130899ICD-10: Lunging Forward, Don’t Look Back - Confessions of a Coding GeekOH011 Stark1 A10/22/2016
130897Project DAWN and the Opiate Task Force of Stark CountyOH011 Stark1 G10/22/2016
130898Integrated Behavior and HealthOH011 Stark1 CG10/22/2016
130682Viral Outbreak (Science of Emerging Diseases)OH009 Heartland2 CG10/18/2016
130558Stroke PreventionOH002 Ohio Valley1 CG10/18/2016
130665Overview of Medicare Advantage Risk AdjustmentsOH027 West Central1 AG10/17/2016
131096Shock/Patients with Special NeedsOH028 Montgomery2 CG10/15/2016
131097Breast CancerOH028 Montgomery1 CG10/15/2016
130657Spillover – Zika, Ebola & BeyondOH011 Stark2 CG10/08/2016
130570Lasers in Plastic SurgeryOH016 Tri-County1 CG10/04/2016
130522Realize a Higher Knowledge About What’s Current in Pediatric Substance Use & AbuseOH027 West Central1 CG09/24/2016
130525Focusing Our Perspectives on ADHD & ComorbiditiesOH027 West Central1 CG09/24/2016
130524Digest the “Skinny” on Managing Childhood ObesityOH027 West Central1 CG09/24/2016
130523A Comprehensive Team Approach to the Evaluation and Treatment of Cleft Lip and PalateOH027 West Central1 CG09/24/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132188Dry Needling for Pain and Sprots RehabilitationOklahoma State Society1.5 C09/30/2017
132195Sleep DisordersOklahoma State Society1.5 C09/30/2017
132186Ebola Then and NowOklahoma State Society1.5 C09/30/2017
132187Spine and Back PainOklahoma State Society1.5 C09/30/2017
131305Breastfeeding Techniques and ChallengesOklahoma State Society2 CG04/22/2017
131306Mandated Use of PMP (Prescription Monitoring Progrram)Oklahoma State Society2 AG04/22/2017
131307How Can Dental Health Affect Your Overall System Health?Oklahoma State Society2 CG04/22/2017


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132112Ask Me Anything-Building Trust During the Patient Registration ProcessOR013 River Cities2 AG10/14/2017
132226Improving Patient Compliance In Smoking CessationOR003 Lane1 CG10/03/2017
132278Refugee screening and Health Maintenance in OregonOR013 River Cities1.5 G09/23/2017
132316Cultural WindowOR013 River Cities1.5 G09/23/2017
132279Affirming Approach to Working with Transgender PatientsOR013 River Cities1.5 G09/23/2017
132177Healthy Hearing, Healthy LifeOR003 Lane1 C09/21/2017
130905Effective Communication in the WorkplaceOR013 River Cities2.5 G09/09/2017
132083Risk Adjustment 101OR003 Lane1 AG07/12/2017
131986An Introduction to Chiropractic TreatmentOR003 Lane1 CG06/15/2017
131438Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence with Survivors Accessing HealthcareOR013 River Cities2 G06/10/2017
131914Radiology Update 2017OR005 Marion-Polk3 CG06/03/2017
131800Vital Signs 101OR003 Lane1 CG05/18/2017
131801Colorectal Cancer ScreeningOR003 Lane1 CG05/18/2017
131328The Most Curable Infectious Disease: Hepatitis COR013 River Cities2 CG05/13/2017
131296Pelvic ProlapseOregon State Society1.5 CG04/08/2017
131300Veterans’ HealthCare UpdatesOregon State Society1.5 AG04/08/2017
131294Managing the Appointment ScheduleOregon State Society1.5 A04/08/2017
131287Find your Best Match (Interviewing Potential Employees in the Medical Office)Oregon State Society1.5 AG04/08/2017
131289Fractures and SplintingOregon State Society1.5 C04/08/2017
131285Documentation and ComplianceOregon State Society1.5 A04/08/2017
131286Exceptional Customer ServiceOregon State Society1.5 G04/07/2017
131288First Tooth Training for Medical AssistantsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/07/2017
131295Medication Do's and Don’tsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/07/2017
131302The Flavi of the Month: Zika VirusOregon State Society1.5 ACG04/07/2017
131297See ME the Person, Not the DiseaseOregon State Society1.5 G04/07/2017
131298The Opioid EpidemicOregon State Society1.5 CG04/07/2017
131299Understanding HEDIS MeasuresOregon State Society1.5 AG04/06/2017
131301Wound Care 101Oregon State Society1.5 CG04/06/2017
131290Headaches: What Causes Them?Oregon State Society1.5 CG04/06/2017
131291HIPAA Compliance Training: Updates and ReviewOregon State Society1.5 AG04/06/2017
131293Life is an Attitude; Go Beyond Your LimitationsOregon State Society1.5 G04/06/2017
131292Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseOregon State Society1.5 CG04/06/2017
131284Asthma UpdateOregon State Society1.5 CG04/06/2017
131283ALERT IISOregon State Society2 ACG04/06/2017
131426Chronic Care Management… The Ma’s RoleOR004 Linn-Benton1.5 G03/18/2017
131425After the Affordable Care ActOR004 Linn-Benton2 G03/18/2017
130939Dealing with Medical Emergencies within the Clinic SettingOR013 River Cities2 C03/11/2017
131150Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace (and Beyond)Oregon State Society2 G03/04/2017
1311792017 Updates for Certified Medical Assistants in Ambulatory Care SettingsAdventist Health Medical Group4 C02/27/2017
131271The Mental Health Low DownOR005 Marion-Polk3 AG02/18/2017
131153Closing the Gap on Yearly Testing and Preventive Care Best PracticesOR003 Lane1 ACG02/16/2017
130869Understanding Neuorlogical Disorders: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’sOR013 River Cities2 CG02/11/2017
131059OSMA Winterly Quarterly - 2017OR004 Linn-Benton4 CG01/21/2017
130969How Brain Injuries and Strokes Impact the Visual SystemOR003 Lane1 CG01/19/2017
130689Diabetic Management: New and Upcoming Treatments and TechnologiesOR013 River Cities2 CG11/12/2016
130764What is Patient Experience?OR003 Lane1 G11/09/2016
130741MA's Role in Chronic Care ManagementOR004 Linn-Benton1.5 G10/22/2016
130742Physician Aid in Dying and Other Rumination of an Older Family PhysicianOR004 Linn-Benton1.5 G10/22/2016
130602Hyperbaric MedicineOR003 Lane1 CG10/20/2016
130592Lab 101Oregon State Society4 AC10/15/2016
130290Health Literacy: Skills for Effective Patient CommunicationOR013 River Cities2 G10/08/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132375Patient Engagement StrategiesThe Geneia Institute2 G09/12/2017
131929The Role of the Medical Assistant: Improving Blood Pressure ControlThe Health Federation of Philadelphia2 C06/15/2017
131489Shoulder and Elbow TraumaPennsylvania State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131490Tobacco CessationPennsylvania State Society1 G05/20/2017
131491MS 101Pennsylvania State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131803Running Athlete and Alternative Naturopathic ModalitiesPennsylvania State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131653Understanding Sexual Assault and The Impact on VictimsPennsylvania State Society1 AG05/20/2017
131654Precision Cancer Medicine - A Step Toward Cure?Pennsylvania State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131492Emergency Medical Services (EMS)Pennsylvania State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131652Fire Safety in the Medical OfficePennsylvania State Society1 G05/20/2017
131655Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)Pennsylvania State Society1 CG05/19/2017
131488RadiologyPennsylvania State Society1 CG05/19/2017
131705Cardiac MRIPA005 Cambria1 CG04/21/2017
131706You Take My Breath AwayPA005 Cambria1 CG04/21/2017
131279Mental Health First AidPennsylvania State Society8 G03/11/2017
131219Knee Joint ReplacementPennsylvania State Society1 CG02/22/2017
130604Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Central PAPennsylvania State Society1 AG10/15/2016
130369Anxiety DisordersPennsylvania State Society1 G10/15/2016
130368Perioperative Management of the Opioid Dependent PatientPennsylvania State Society1 CG10/15/2016
130414Thoracolumbar InjuriesPennsylvania State Society1 CG10/15/2016
130419Top Ten List of Things to Know about Skin and Skin Structure Infections and MSRAPennsylvania State Society1 CG10/15/2016

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132330The Importance of Documentation for Different Office VisitsSC005 Pickens1 A03/06/2018
132256Causes and Treatments of Lower Back PainSC005 Pickens1 CG02/06/2018
132053Chart AuditingSC005 Pickens1 AG01/02/2018
132281OsteoporosisSC006 Greenville1 C10/24/2017
131578Order of Draw and the Importance of Primary DiagnosisSC005 Pickens1 AC10/03/2017
132280Opioid CrisisSC006 Greenville1 G09/26/2017
132403Cardiology Update - HypertensionSC003 Spartanburg1 C09/19/2017
132404Utilizing Community ResourcesSC003 Spartanburg1 G09/19/2017
132272Ovarian CancerSC009 Trident1 C09/12/2017
132356Suicide PreventionSC004 Columbia1.5 G09/09/2017
132239Risk Factors and Prevention of HIVSC011 Anderson1 C09/05/2017
132352Risk Factors and Prevention of HIVSC011 Anderson1 CG09/05/2017
131577Accounts Receivable (for the Medical Office)SC005 Pickens1 A09/05/2017
132167Breaking the Chain of InfectionSouth Carolina State Society2 C08/26/2017
132168Civilian Response to Active ShooterSouth Carolina State Society3 G08/26/2017
132166Lupus and the CMA's roleSouth Carolina State Society2 CG08/26/2017
132206Human TraffickingSC006 Greenville1 G08/22/2017
132194Anticoagulation Therapy and Patient EducationSC003 Spartanburg1 C08/15/2017
132176OB/GYN and Labor and Delivery TriviaSC004 Columbia1.5 C08/12/2017
132241Arteriosclerosis and Peripheral Artery Disease: Risks, Symptoms and TreatmentSC001 Charleston1 C08/08/2017
132165Medications and Alzheimer’s DiseaseAgape Senior2.25 C08/08/2017
132138ColonoscopySC011 Anderson1 C08/01/2017
131576POC TestingSC005 Pickens1 CG08/01/2017
132091Dry NeedlingSC006 Greenville1 C07/25/2017
132128Medications and Alzheimer's DiseaseAgape Senior2.25  07/20/2017
132108Healthy Diet and Weight lossSC003 Spartanburg1 G07/19/2017
132114How UV light can affect your eyesSC001 Charleston1 C07/11/2017
131984Kill the Beasties - Surgical Asepsis in the Medical OfficeSC009 Trident1 CG07/11/2017
132023Suicide Awareness and Active ListeningSC006 Greenville1 G06/27/2017
132034Food Allergy or Not?SC003 Spartanburg1 CG06/20/2017
131983BLS CPR RenewalSC009 Trident4 C06/11/2017
131575Dry Needling TreatmentSC005 Pickens1 CG06/06/2017
131890What's Bugging Our Kids?SC011 Anderson1 CG06/06/2017
131873Natural Solutions to HealthcareSC006 Greenville1 G05/23/2017
131937Trivia for CMAsSC003 Spartanburg1 AC05/16/2017
131922Depression and AnxietySC004 Columbia1.5 CG05/13/2017
131884Medication AdministrationSC001 Charleston1 CG05/09/2017
131840Prenatal Patient EducationSC009 Trident1 CG05/09/2017
131889HIV 101SC011 Anderson1 CG05/02/2017
131574How to Document InjectionsSC005 Pickens1 A05/02/2017
131742We are Sharing Hope: South Carolina's Role in Organ DonationSC006 Greenville1 AG04/25/2017
131502Food is FuelSC003 Spartanburg1 G04/21/2017
131688Bust the Myth: Make the Case to VaccinateSC009 Trident1 CG04/11/2017
131880Medical Assistant BingoSC004 Columbia1 G04/08/2017
131573Bacterial VaginosisSC005 Pickens1 CG04/04/2017
1315675 Ways to Prevent Senior HospitalizationsSC011 Anderson1 G04/04/2017
131536Pediatric AsthmaSC006 Greenville1 CG03/28/2017
131200Yes, You are a Leader and Your Employer Expects it!South Carolina State Society1 G03/19/2017
131216ProfessionalismSouth Carolina State Society1.5 G03/18/2017
131204Bowl of KnowledgeSouth Carolina State Society2 ACG03/18/2017
131205Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant’s RoleSouth Carolina State Society2 CG03/18/2017
131207Basics of Evaluation & Management CodingSouth Carolina State Society1.5 AG03/18/2017
131460Sexual AssaultSouth Carolina State Society1.5 AG03/18/2017
131215Medical Terminology BingoSouth Carolina State Society1 ACG03/18/2017
131198Trends in Hospice CareSouth Carolina State Society1.5 AG03/18/2017
131203Navigating the Maze of Prescription MedicationsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/18/2017
131217The Future Will Be Revealed in Lab TestsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 C03/17/2017
131201Hepatitis C Can Be CuredSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/17/2017
131214Obesity is a DiseaseSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/17/2017
131199VertigoSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/17/2017
131202Lupus and the CMA's roleSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/17/2017
131218The Professionals' Role in Combating Human TraffickingSouth Carolina State Society1.5 G03/16/2017
131206AlzheimersSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/16/2017
131264Back to Basics Coding - ICD-10-CMSC009 Trident1 A03/11/2017
131396Infection Control: Breaking the ChainSC004 Columbia1.5 CG03/11/2017
131572Psychiatry CodingSC005 Pickens1 A03/07/2017
131260Communication at the End of LifeSC006 Greenville1 G02/28/2017
131276Healthcare TriviaSC001 Charleston1 ACG02/21/2017
131190Optimal Heart HealthSC003 Spartanburg1 CG02/21/2017
131139Combination Training for OSHA and HIPAACompliance Navigation LLC1 ACG02/16/2017
131140Combination Training for OSHA and HIPAACompliance Navigation LLC1 ACG02/16/2017
131137OSHA TrainingCompliance Navigation LLC1 ACG02/16/2017
131138HIPAACompliance Navigation LLC1 ACG02/16/2017
130555HypercholesterolemiaSC020 Aiken1 CG02/15/2017
130556Respiratory DiseasesSC020 Aiken1 CG02/15/2017
131155Women's Heart HealthSC004 Columbia1.5 CG02/11/2017
131078Introduction to Therapy DogsSC011 Anderson1 G02/07/2017
131571Urgent Care CodingSC005 Pickens1 AG02/07/2017
131042Therapy Dogs: What is a Therapy Dog and How Do They Help Our Patients?SC004 Columbia1.5 G01/21/2017
131041Cellular Stress: What is It and How Can We Reduce it?SC004 Columbia1.5 CG01/21/2017
131006Every Minute Counts: Heart Disease IssuesSC003 Spartanburg1 CG01/17/2017
131011LupusSC004 Columbia1.5 CG01/14/2017
130996The NMS Specimen (and Its Documentation Guidelines)SC001 Charleston1 AC01/10/2017
130950How to Provide Diabetes Education to PatientsSC011 Anderson1 CG01/03/2017
130936Medical Assistant BingoSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG12/20/2016
130889The Importance of Teamwork and the Medical AssistantAgape Senior1 G11/17/2016
130867Treating Eating DisordersSC009 Trident1 CG11/15/2016
130852Acute Stroke and Cardiac CareSC003 Spartanburg1 CG11/15/2016
130863Sexually Transmitted DiseasesSC004 Columbia1.5 ACG11/12/2016
130864Sexual Assault: How to Help the VictimsSC004 Columbia1.5 AG11/12/2016
130871Phlebotomy: It's More Than Just a Blood SpecimenSC004 Columbia1.5 CG11/12/2016
130595Medical Assisting JeopardySC004 Columbia1.5 ACG11/12/2016
130893ICD-10 Coding SpecificitySC011 Anderson1 A11/01/2016
131570Pediatric CodingSC005 Pickens1 A11/01/2016
130717Uticaria GoalsSC006 Greenville1 CG10/25/2016
130686Immunization WorkshopSC009 Trident1.5 C10/19/2016
130729TuberculosisSC001 Charleston1 CG10/18/2016
130715Bowl of KnowledgeSC003 Spartanburg1.5 ACG10/18/2016
130594Dispelling Hospice Beliefs: End Of Life CareSC004 Columbia1.5 G10/08/2016
130593My Child Has a Rash - What Is It?SC004 Columbia1.5 CG10/08/2016
130562Interventional Pain Management and AddictionSC011 Anderson1 CG10/04/2016
130559Chronic and Acute Pain ManagementSC003 Spartanburg1.5 CG10/01/2016
130560Dealing with Difficult PatientsSC003 Spartanburg1 G10/01/2016
130561What's My Fine? OSHA Annual Retraining ProgramSC003 Spartanburg1.5 AG10/01/2016
130196Oxidative Stress-What is it? How to make it better!SC006 Greenville1 CG09/27/2016

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132413Family Planning Clinic ServicesSD001 Northern Plains1 G09/30/2017
132414First RespondersSD001 Northern Plains1 G09/30/2017
132415StrangulationSD001 Northern Plains1 C09/30/2017
132416How Dental Care Affects Medical HealthSD001 Northern Plains1 C09/30/2017
132417What is HIT?SD001 Northern Plains1 A09/30/2017
132332Safe Medications During PregnancySD002 Sioux Empire1 C09/26/2017
132333HIV BasicsSD002 Sioux Empire1 C09/23/2017
132334HIV PreventionSD002 Sioux Empire1 C09/23/2017
132335Drugs and Alcohol: Addiction and RecoverySD002 Sioux Empire1 CG09/23/2017
131384MACRA, QPP, MIPS, and APMS - The Present and Future of Healthcare ReimbursementSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/25/2017
131385The Role of Therapy Dogs in Health Care FacilitiesSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/25/2017
131398Portion Control and Reading Food LabelsSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/25/2017
131386Major Changes in Diagnostic TestingSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/25/2017
131399Feeding and Down SyndromeSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/25/2017
131401Using Telemedicine to Improve Health CareSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/24/2017
131380Surviving Your Practice: Who's Taking Care of the Provider???South Dakota State Society1 G03/24/2017
131382Metabolic SyndromeSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131400Ryker's StorySouth Dakota State Society1 G03/24/2017
131379Building a Health CommunitySouth Dakota State Society1 G03/24/2017
131381Living with Diabetes - Vascular and Foot CareSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131383Osteoporosis: Better Bones AheadSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/24/2017
131068Living Donor Kidney TransplantsSD002 Sioux Empire1 CG02/04/2017
131061Dental HealthSD002 Sioux Empire1 CG02/04/2017
131063Fad DietsSD002 Sioux Empire1 CG02/04/2017
131062Tobacco Cessation: Don't Let It "Get Your Goat"SD002 Sioux Empire1 AG02/04/2017
130730CNOS Foundation Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine SymposiumCNOS Foundation6.5 CG11/11/2016
130605Common Skin DisordersSD001 Northern Plains1 CG10/01/2016
130606Vascular Surgery, Colonoscopy, and Breast SurgerySD001 Northern Plains1 CG10/01/2016
130607Spinal BifidaSD001 Northern Plains1 CG10/01/2016
130608Diabetic Foot Care and Treatment of DeformitiesSD001 Northern Plains1 CG10/01/2016
130609Exercise for the Health of It!SD001 Northern Plains1 G10/01/2016
130518Breathe - Just BreatheSD002 Sioux Empire1 CG09/24/2016
130520Watchman DeviceSD002 Sioux Empire1 CG09/24/2016
130521Influenza SurveillanceSD002 Sioux Empire1 AG09/24/2016
130519Diabetes - Who Me?SD002 Sioux Empire1 AG09/24/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132182HIPAA Compliance and Training + 2018Vyne Education, LLC6 AG10/11/2017
131765Common Winter Respiratory Illnesses: How to DifferentiateTN001 Cherokee1 CG08/19/2017
132157Health Department General ServicesTN001 Cherokee1 G08/19/2017
132156The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)TN001 Cherokee1 A08/19/2017
131867Insurance Coding and Billing for the Medical OfficeVyne Education, LLC6 A05/10/2017
131601SBIRTTennessee State Society1 AG04/29/2017
131602Put Your Best Fork ForwardTennessee State Society1 G04/29/2017
131731Actions Speak Louder than Words: Being Sensitive to the PatientTennessee State Society1 G04/29/2017
131595History in the Making - AddictionTennessee State Society2 G04/28/2017
131596Food AllergiesTennessee State Society2 CG04/28/2017
131597Elder AbuseTennessee State Society1.5 AG04/28/2017
131600The Readys! Emergency Preparedness for People with Access and Functional NeedsTennessee State Society1.5 G04/28/2017
131767Moisturizers and Sunscreens/UV LightTN001 Cherokee1 G04/22/2017
131766The Physical Exam and the Medical AssistantTN001 Cherokee1 C04/22/2017
131336HIPPA & Medical Records Law: Meeting the Privacy and Security RegulationsVyne Education, LLC6 AG03/08/2017
131178Fetal Alcohol Syndrome DisordersTN001 Cherokee1 CG02/18/2017
131152Childhood Vaccine – Preventable Illnesses: Part 2TN001 Cherokee1 CG02/18/2017
131151Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesTN001 Cherokee1 G02/18/2017
1310542017 Coding Essentials: Beyond the ICD-10 CMAVyne Education, LLC6 A01/25/2017
130839ICD-10 for Optometry and OpthalmologyVyne Education, LLC6 A12/08/2016
130838OSHA 2017: Compliance & Training for Medical and DentalVyne Education, LLC6 AG11/29/2016
130829Hearing Loss and Communication StrategiesTN001 Cherokee1 CG11/12/2016
130831Driver’s RehabilitationTN001 Cherokee1 G11/12/2016
130830Childhood Vaccine – Preventable Illnesses: Part 1TN001 Cherokee1 CG11/12/2016
130703Workplace ViolenceTN003 Knoxville-Knox1 G10/18/2016
130660Medical InformaticsTennessee State Society1.5 G10/15/2016
130658GI Coding for Physician Practices: Let’s Make this SimpleTennessee State Society1.5 ACG10/15/2016
130659Excellent Patient ServiceTennessee State Society1.5 G10/15/2016
130661Hernia CodingTennessee State Society1.5 AG10/15/2016
130662Fetal Alcohol Syndrome DisordersTennessee State Society1.5 CG10/15/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132257Why Diabetics Should Check their FeetTX004 Dallas1 C09/12/2017
132152Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant’s RoleTexas State Society4 C08/19/2017
132092Ventilator Associated PneumoniaTX004 Dallas1 C08/08/2017
132071CommunicationsTX037 Northeast Harris1 G07/22/2017
132004BLS Certification by American Heart AssociationTX004 Dallas1 C06/24/2017
131798Occupational Conflict and StressTX004 Dallas1 G05/09/2017
131778Resiliency and Daily LeadershipTexas State Society2 G04/30/2017
131745Pelvic Organ ProlapseTexas State Society1.5 CG04/29/2017
131777Anal FistulasTexas State Society1.5 C04/29/2017
131779Neurogenic BladderTexas State Society1.5 C04/29/2017
131746Stand Up! A Call to ActionTexas State Society1.5 G04/29/2017
131743Chiropractic Care with Modern MedicineTexas State Society2 CG04/28/2017
131744Knowledge BowlTexas State Society2 ACG04/28/2017
131542Leadership 101: Everything You Wanted to Know about Leadership n the WorkplaceTX004 Dallas1 G04/11/2017
131412Not Cookie Cutter Weight LossTX003 Bexar1 CG03/14/2017
131334POCT (Policies, Quality Control, Standards, CLIA Certificates Needs and Types)TX036 Bay Area1.5 ACG03/11/2017
131075Professionalism in HealthcareTX004 Dallas1 G02/21/2017
131067Active Shooter Training for Medical AssistantsTexas State Society1 G01/28/2017
131060Burnout Within a Healthcare TeamTexas State Society1 G01/28/2017
130970What is Clostridiumn DifficileTX004 Dallas1 CG01/17/2017
130684Are you a Customer Service Rep?TX036 Bay Area1.5 G10/20/2016
130685Immunizations Update and ImmTrac TrainingTX036 Bay Area2 AG10/20/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132155Creative Patient CareUtah State Society1.5 G08/26/2017
132154Commmon Sports InjuriesUtah State Society1.5 C08/26/2017
131322Drug Compliance and TestingUtah State Society2 CG03/17/2017
131330What's New in Integrative MedicineUtah State Society2 CG03/17/2017
131331Caring for the AgingUtah State Society2 G03/17/2017
131332NeuropsychologyUtah State Society2 CG03/17/2017
130789IV Certification and Therapy CourseUtah State Society8 C11/19/2016
130645Lasers in the Medical OfficeUtah State Society1.5 C10/29/2016
130644Recognizing and Managing Emergencies in the Medical OfficeUtah State Society1.5 CG10/29/2016


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
131683Demystifying Dizziness: Balance and Vestibular SeminarSheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitations Centers2 CG04/27/2017
131565All You Need to Know About Cardiac CatheterizationVirginia State Society1 CG04/01/2017
131561Informed Trauma CareVirginia State Society1 G04/01/2017
131562The Ins and Outs of Cardiac CatherizationVirginia State Society1 CG04/01/2017
131563Living with Encephalitis-10 Days in Hell (A Personal Perspective)Virginia State Society1 G04/01/2017
131564The Breast Cancer ExperienceVirginia State Society1 CG04/01/2017
130374Being Mortal (Assisting Terminally Ill Patients and Their Families)Virginia State Society1.5 G11/12/2016
130377Leadership for ChangeVirginia State Society1 G11/12/2016
1303782015 AHA CPR UpdatesVirginia State Society1 CG11/12/2016
130373Bridges Out of Poverty (Economic Classes and the Healthcare System)Virginia State Society1 G11/12/2016
130375Healthcare Options in the Virginia Health Insurance Exchange/MarketplaceVirginia State Society1 AG11/12/2016
130376Emergency Management in the Healthcare EnvironmentVirginia State Society1 G11/12/2016
130361A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective on Concussion RecoverySheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitations Centers2 CG09/28/2016


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132249Advanced Care Planning: What Your Patients and You Need To KnowWA008 NCW1 AC11/09/2017
132411Living With Autism: A Parent's PerspectiveWA008 NCW1 CG10/12/2017
132248Living with Autism: A Parent's PerspectiveWA008 NCW1 CG10/12/2017
132379Immunizations Update 2017WA003 Kitsap1.5 C09/27/2017
132322Chemical Dependency: Substance AbuseWA006 Yakima2 AC09/21/2017
132388The CMA and the Cancer PatientWA004 Thurston2 CG09/20/2017
1322743 M's of Diabetes ManagementWA016 Southwest1.5 C09/16/2017
131991Healtlhy Hands- Health Nails: Hand & Nail Hygiene and Infection ControlWA008 NCW1 CG09/14/2017
132370DiabetesWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 C09/07/2017
132355Medication SafetyWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 G09/07/2017
132060Deep Vein ThrombosisWA016 Southwest1 CG07/15/2017
132031All Things WarfarinWA010 Whatcom1 CG06/20/2017
131992Customer ServiceWA016 Southwest1 G06/17/2017
131993How to Perform Newborn ScreeningWA007 Pierce1 CG06/14/2017
132012Community ResourcesWA009 Greater Spokane1 AG06/08/2017
131940Medical Assistants in the Behavioral Health SettingWA003 Kitsap1.5 G06/07/2017
132324When the Going gets Rough, the Tough give Feedback! (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G06/05/2017
132325Seizures (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 CG06/05/2017
132326Building a Sustainability Program for Seattle Children’s Hospital (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G06/05/2017
132327Privacy and PHI, OH MY! (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 AG06/05/2017
132328Preceptor WorkshopSeattle Childrens Hospital4 G06/05/2017
132323Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services in Family Centered Care (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G06/05/2017
132329Utilizing De-escalation Techniques with Children and Their Families (Video Program)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G06/05/2017
131859Safety PrecautionsSeattle Childrens Hospital1 ACG06/01/2017
131861Social Media Follow Up (Valuable Information for the Practicing Medical Assistant)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 AG06/01/2017
131860Compliance and ReportingSeattle Childrens Hospital1 AG06/01/2017
131569Pharmacology in the Tech worldWA015 Skagit/Island1 CG05/25/2017
132049Bariatric ExerciseWashington State Society1 G05/20/2017
131816Venous DiseaseWashington State Society1 CG05/20/2017
131819Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)Washington State Society1.5 AG05/20/2017
131820Bariatric NutritionWashington State Society1.5 CG05/20/2017
131876Knowledge BowlWashington State Society2 ACG05/20/2017
131872Primary Care of the 'Intact' (Not Circumcised) BoyWashington State Society1.5 G05/20/2017
131877CyberknifeWashington State Society1.5 CG05/19/2017
131868Durable Medical EquipmentWashington State Society1.5 AC05/19/2017
131870AsthmaWashington State Society1.5 CG05/19/2017
131871Sexual Assault and AbuseWashington State Society1 G05/19/2017
131894Activating Community Health Center/Community College Partnerships for Health WorkforceWashington State Society1 G05/19/2017
131821PA-C in the Medical fieldWashington State Society1 G05/19/2017
131808Immunization UpdateWashington State Society2 CG05/19/2017
131810Vision TherapyWashington State Society1.5 CG05/19/2017
131812Sport Medicine ConcussionsWashington State Society1.5 CG05/19/2017
131815TOS – Thoracic Outlet SyndromeWashington State Society1.5 CG05/19/2017
131811Hospice Care and Palliative CareWashington State Society1.5 AG05/19/2017
131813Death With DignityWashington State Society1 AG05/18/2017
131814Work Place ViolenceWashington State Society1.5 G05/18/2017
131818Home HealthWashington State Society1 G05/18/2017
131817Eating DisordersWashington State Society1.5 CG05/18/2017
131809Carotid Disease and Chronic Limb IschemiaWashington State Society1.5 CG05/18/2017
131878The Impact of Sleep Disordered Breathing on Comorbid ConditionsWashington State Society1.5 CG05/18/2017
131822Bio-Identical HormonesWashington State Society1 CG05/18/2017
131869Diabetic Nutrition: What do I Do Now?Washington State Society1.5 CG05/18/2017
131864Hypertension: Nutrition, Medication, and LifestyleWA008 NCW1 CG05/12/2017
131823Dealing with StressWA003 Kitsap1.5 G05/10/2017
131888Tuberculosis UpdateWA007 Pierce2 CG05/10/2017
131934Healing Among the Natives in the USWA010 Whatcom1 G05/09/2017
1318632017 Annual MA Education Day: Administrative ComponentSeattle Childrens Hospital2 A05/08/2017
1318622017 Annual MA Education Day: Clinical and General ComponentsSeattle Childrens Hospital6 CG05/08/2017
131703Medical Assistant Law in WA State and their Scope of PracticeWA006 Yakima2 G04/20/2017
130466Animal Assisted Interventions with PatientsWA015 Skagit/Island1 G04/20/2017
131568Animal-Assisted InterventionsWA015 Skagit/Island1 G04/20/2017
131970Medical Coding-What a Medical Assistant Needs to KnowWA004 Thurston2 A04/19/2017
131685Update on what to know about "MRKH" syndrome- A Patient's PerspectiveWA003 Kitsap1.5 G04/19/2017
131483Patient Navigator & AdvocateSeattle Childrens Hospital1 A04/18/2017
131484Patient PrivacySeattle Childrens Hospital1 AG04/18/2017
131933Urology Devices, Tools, and AccessoriesWA010 Whatcom1.5 CG04/18/2017
131554Infectious Disease- Introduction to Barrier Precautions and Controls for Highly Infectious DiseaseWA016 Southwest1.5 CG04/15/2017
131687Diabetes ManagementWA008 NCW1 CG04/13/2017
131695The Dry VaginaWA007 Pierce1 CG04/12/2017
131927MMR UpdatedWA001 Snohomish1 CG03/21/2017
131935Growing Concern of Impaired Healtlh Professionals in the WorkplaceWA010 Whatcom1 G03/21/2017
131338Ebola, Zika Viruses and Updates on PPEWA016 Southwest1.5 CG03/18/2017
131427Communication Skills: Keeping Harmony In the Work PlaceWashington State Society2 G03/18/2017
131371Time ManagementWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 G03/09/2017
131319Newer Ways to Think About Grief, Loss, and BereavementWA007 Pierce1 G03/08/2017
131308A Personal and Professional Perspective On Huntingtons DiseaseWA003 Kitsap2 CG03/08/2017
131936Dementia 101WA010 Whatcom1 CG02/21/2017
131148Essential Oil BasicsWA016 Southwest1.5 G02/18/2017
131158Billing and Coding Update 2017WA006 Yakima2 AG02/16/2017
130176E-Cigarettes: Finding the Truth Among the VaporsWA015 Skagit/Island1 G02/16/2017
131126Cardiac Rehab After A Heart AttackWA003 Kitsap1 CG02/15/2017
131128Opioid Addiction and its Treatment with SubuxoneWA004 Thurston2 CG02/15/2017
131106Oxygen and DME: Testing Requirements, Patient Need, and OrderingWA008 NCW1 ACG02/09/2017
131145Contraception - New TechnologyWA007 Pierce1 G02/08/2017
131038How to Break Infection TransmissionWA015 Skagit/Island1 CG01/19/2017
130992Healthy Foot Care for a Healthy LifeWA003 Kitsap1.5 CG01/18/2017
131926Medical Assisting JeopardyWA001 Snohomish1 CG01/17/2017
130938Prolastin-C: For Prevention of Lung Tissue BreakdownWA008 NCW1 CG01/12/2017
130997Promoting Dental HealthWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 CG01/12/2017
130875Anxiety Disorders: Thoughts, Feelings, and EmotionsVirginia Mason Medical1 CG12/10/2016
130874Sharing and Receiving FeedbackVirginia Mason Medical1 G12/10/2016
130876Scope of Practice and Credentialing in Washington State: Can I Do That?Virginia Mason Medical1 G12/10/2016
130902Medical Assisting Terminology Jeopardy for 2016WA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG12/07/2016
130822Personal Leadership and ProfessionalismWA016 Southwest1.5 G11/19/2016
130846Diabetes 101WA004 Thurston2 CG11/16/2016
130688Continuity of Care Relating to the PrescriptionWA003 Kitsap1 ACG11/16/2016
130933A Lesson in Asthma, Allergy, and ImmunologyWA010 Whatcom1 CG11/15/2016
131925Washington State Reformatory OverviewWA001 Snohomish1.5 G11/15/2016
130791Regulations: What They Mean to Your Provider and Your PatientsWA008 NCW1 G11/10/2016
130782Functional Medicine (A General Overview)WA009 Greater Spokane1.5 G11/10/2016
130818Medical Ethics – Allocation of Resources and Access to Health CareWA007 Pierce2 G11/09/2016
130877Sexual Harassment/Title VII & IX; Workplace Safety/Emergency PreparednessWashington State Society1 G10/28/2016
130748Challenges of Working in Healthcare Settings: Violence and HarassmentWA006 Yakima2 G10/27/2016
130603Surviving Suicide: Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One Who Commited SuicideWA003 Kitsap1.5 AG10/19/2016
130882Privacy and PHI, OH MY! (Video Version)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 AG10/19/2016
130883Preceptor WorkshopSeattle Childrens Hospital4 G10/19/2016
130878Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services in Family Centered Care (Video Version)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G10/19/2016
130879When the Going gets Rough, the Tough give Feedback! (Video Version)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G10/19/2016
130880Seizures (Video Version)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 CG10/19/2016
130881Building a Sustainability Program for Seattle Children’s Hospital (Video Version)Seattle Childrens Hospital1 G10/19/2016
130932Helpful Tips for Successful Phlebotomy/VenipunctureWA010 Whatcom1 C10/18/2016
131924Cervical Cancer - Surviving Teaching Students - Saving Women's LivesWA001 Snohomish1.5 G10/18/2016
130647De-escalation TrainingWA006 Yakima1 G10/15/2016
130692Ergonomics in the Workplace: Working Smart to Avoid InjuriesWA008 NCW1 G10/13/2016
130545Knowledge BowlWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 ACG10/13/2016
130675Diabetes 101WA007 Pierce1 CG10/12/2016

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
132391Rx Fat: Ketogenic Dietary Therapy for Adults with EpilepsyWisconsin State Society1 C11/04/2017
132346Sexual Assault: Identifying & Defining the ProblemWisconsin State Society1 CG10/03/2017
132406Understanding the Front Office in the Medical PracticeWisconsin State Society1 A09/23/2017
132407The Painful Shoulder and Sport Related InjuryWisconsin State Society1 C09/23/2017
132405Medical Documentation: Medical Record Virtual PresentationWisconsin State Society1 A09/23/2017
132408Medical Potpourri of Acute DiagnosticsWisconsin State Society1 C09/23/2017
132389Screen AddictionWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG09/21/2017
132309Medical Care In JailsWI010 Valley1 G09/16/2017
132308SAFE Training: Safety Awareness for Employers (and Employees)WI010 Valley2 G09/16/2017
132290Child and Adolescent Gender and Sexual Minority Health and WellnessWI002 Dane1 CG09/16/2017
132386More Than Gray Hair: An Introduction to GeriatricsWI002 Dane1 CG09/16/2017
132149Implementing Self-measured Blood Pressure Monitoring in PracticeMetaStar, Inc1 C09/13/2017
132284Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)WI015 Waukesha1 A09/09/2017
132283Empowering Veterans through QuiltingWI015 Waukesha1 G09/09/2017
132354Aurora Ambulatory Preceptor WorkshopAurora Health Care Medical Group4 ACG09/05/2017
132336Pharmacology for Medical AssistantsOnCourse Learning1 C08/30/2017
132337Basic Patient PositioningOnCourse Learning1 C08/30/2017
132276Mind Your Manners... MulticulturallyOnCourse Learning1 G08/25/2017
132161Managing Petty Cash - The Dollars and Sense of it!WI020 Southwest Wisconsin1 A08/08/2017
132050Fluoride VarnishUW Health Medical Foundation1 CG08/01/2017
132068Motivational InterviewingGroup Health Cooperative1 G07/24/2017
132072Epilepsy and SeizuresUW Health Medical Foundation1.5 C07/01/2017
132064The ABCs of Hypertension: The Antihypertensive AgentsOnCourse Learning2.5 CG06/26/2017
132063Cultural Competence for Today’s Clinicians, Part 2: Culture and Mental HealthOnCourse Learning1 G06/26/2017
132065Infusion Review for Certified Medical Assistants: Body Fluids and ElectrolytesOnCourse Learning1 CG06/26/2017
132062Infusion Review for Certified Medical Assistants: Anatomy and PhysiologyOnCourse Learning1 CG06/26/2017
131981Sleep Across the ContinuumUW Health Medical Foundation1 CG06/01/2017
131977Surviving and Thriving With Conflict on the JobOnCourse Learning1 G05/30/2017
131978Adult Immunizations: Growing Needs, Growing NumbersOnCourse Learning1 CG05/30/2017
131980Advance Directives: Conversations MatterOnCourse Learning1 G05/30/2017
131979Elder Abuse: Mistreatment of Older Americans on the RiseOnCourse Learning1 G05/30/2017
131865Chiro/Functional MedicineWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG05/18/2017
131910The Mouth: The Gateway to the BodyWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/13/2017
131911Behavioral Health Education for the Medical Assistant RoleWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/13/2017
131841Fight Inflammation NaturallyWI003 Dodge1 CG05/11/2017
131824Self Care for the Caring ProfessionalGroup Health Cooperative2 G05/10/2017
131941Narcan and the Heroin EpidemicWI002 Dane1 G05/06/2017
131942Suicide Risk AssessmentWI002 Dane1 G05/06/2017
131791Advance Care Planning: It'a Always Too Soon, Until It's Too LateWI010 Valley1 G05/06/2017
131792Communicable Disease PreventionWI010 Valley1 CG05/06/2017
131793Child Passenger Safety: Valuable Information for the Medical AssistantWI010 Valley1 G05/06/2017
131702Soft Skills for Health ProfessionalsMoraine Park Technical College1 G05/03/2017
131882Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)UnityPoint Health - Meriter8 G05/02/2017
131788Breaking Down OsteoporosisUW Health Medical Foundation1 CG05/01/2017
131224Cystic Fibrosis as a Chronic Medical ConditionWisconsin State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131227The Changing Landscape of Healthcare/Optomizing the Medical Assistant ProfessionWisconsin State Society2 G04/28/2017
131221Advance DirectivesWisconsin State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131225Integrating into Office MedicineWisconsin State Society1 G04/28/2017
131222Surviving and Thriving After Cardiac ArrestWisconsin State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131223Medical Coding for the Medical Professional and Medical ConsumerWisconsin State Society1 AG04/28/2017
131226Introduction to Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineWisconsin State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131228The Role of the Medical Assistant in Primary CareWisconsin State Society1 G04/28/2017
131229Narcan and Opioid Overdose Through the Eyes of a First ResponderWisconsin State Society1 CG04/28/2017
131696Keeping Our Seniors Safe with New TechnologyWI003 Dodge1 AG04/20/2017
131721Recent Treatment Advances in Diabetes CareWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG04/20/2017
131555Dane County Immunization Coalition - Immunization UpdateDane County Immunization Coalition3 CG04/15/2017
131390Overfed-Undernourished - Malnutrition & ObesityWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 CG04/08/2017
131391It's Just Allergies, Or is It?Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 CG04/08/2017
131387Prescription Pain Medication: Fact vs. FictionWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 CG04/08/2017
131388Emergency Preparedness ClassWisconsin Indianhead Technical College2 G04/08/2017
131389Zika Virus and Other Emerging InfectionsWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 CG04/08/2017
131461Thyroid and Parathyroid GlandsUW Health Medical Foundation1 CG04/03/2017
131365MA Spring ConferenceGundersen Lutheran4.5 CG03/18/2017
131070Heroin Addiction: What a CMA Needs to KnowWI011 Lakeshore2 CG03/18/2017
131669The Latest Hepatitis C TreatmentsWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG03/16/2017
131356Understanding the Benefits of HospiceWI015 Waukesha1 AG03/11/2017
131357Legal Capacity and Advance Directives You Need to KnowWI015 Waukesha1 AG03/11/2017
131043CMA ConferenceWisconsin Indianhead Technical College6 CG03/11/2017
131309A New Role for Health: A Look into the Practice of Yoga and How It Can Heal Our PatientsWI003 Dodge1 CG03/09/2017
131196How to Manage those Pesky Controlled Substance RefillsWI010 Valley1 ACG03/07/2017
131256Cultivating Your Professional ValueNorthcentral Technical College1.5 G03/04/2017
131254Communicating Through BarriersNorthcentral Technical College1.5 G03/04/2017
131255Healthy FamilyNorthcentral Technical College1.5 G03/04/2017
131257Diabetes 101: What Your Patients Would Like You to KnowNorthcentral Technical College1.5 CG03/04/2017
131275Compassion FatigueUW Health Medical Foundation1 G03/01/2017
131110Keeping Them Young at Heart: Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Children & AdolescentsWisconsin State Society1 CG02/25/2017
131117Overview of Liver TransplantWisconsin State Society1 CG02/25/2017
131108Bariatric SurgeryWisconsin State Society1 CG02/25/2017
131109Functional Plastic SurgeryWisconsin State Society1 CG02/25/2017
131111Occular Side Effects of Common MedicationsWisconsin State Society2 CG02/25/2017
131182Recognizing and Supporting Individuals with AutismWisconsin State Society1 CG02/25/2017
131262How to Be Civil When Your Patient Isn't Civil (or Can't)Gundersen Lutheran1 G02/23/2017
131069AudiologyWI011 Lakeshore2 CG02/18/2017
131188Show & Tell: Treatment Modalities of Acupuncture in WIWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG02/16/2017
130945Animal TherapyWI003 Dodge1 G02/09/2017
131076Natural Family Planning & Natural Proceative (NaPro) TechnologyWI010 Valley1 CG02/07/2017
131072Care Coordination: How It WorksWI021 LaCrosse Area1 G02/07/2017
131074Health Equity IniitiativesGroup Health Cooperative2 AG02/01/2017
131115Performing SpirometryUW Health Medical Foundation1 C02/01/2017
131016Opioids: Law and Best PracticesWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG01/28/2017
131213The Opioid Epidemic: Strategies in Successful ManagementWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG01/28/2017
131015Brain TumorsWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C01/28/2017
131018Introduction to Osteopathic MedicineWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG01/28/2017
131017Bundled Payments for Care ImprovementWI016 Central Wisconsin1 G01/28/2017
131019Hemotopoietic Stem Cell TransplantationWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG01/28/2017
131039Finger Print of Breast CancerWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG01/21/2017
130989Medicare BasicsWI002 Dane1 AG01/21/2017
131046Medical Assistant Game NightWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 AG01/19/2017
131013Lake Area Free Clinic - A Safety Net for the UninsuredWI015 Waukesha1 AG01/14/2017
131012What is Integrative Medicine?WI015 Waukesha1 G01/14/2017
130966Understanding Mental HealthWI010 Valley1 CG01/14/2017
130988Neo-Natal CareWI010 Valley1 CG01/14/2017
130965Non-Surgical Treatment of Joint Pain Due to TendinosisWI010 Valley1 CG01/14/2017
130946Bringing Balance to Life - One Alternative Health TechniqueWI003 Dodge1 G01/12/2017
130949The Role of a Medical Assistant as Clinical ManagerWI021 LaCrosse Area1 AG01/03/2017
130873Opioids: Partnering to Improve teh Chronic Care Pain PatientWI021 LaCrosse Area1 G12/06/2016
130894Screening Tests as a Part of Routine Adult PhysicalWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C11/17/2016
130858Understanding Organ and Tissue DonationWI015 Waukesha1 AG11/12/2016
130859Conditions, Testing and Treatments Covered in Allergy/ImmunologyWI015 Waukesha1 CG11/12/2016
130817Church Health Services, Inc.WI003 Dodge1 AG11/10/2016
130821Dental Health and Overall Impact on Patient HealthWisconsin State Society1 CG11/05/2016
130797Orthopedic Emergencies and Understanding Orthopedic Labs and X-raysWisconsin State Society1 CG11/05/2016
130798Autism and Working with Autistic ChildrenWisconsin State Society1 CG11/05/2016
130794Jeremiah's Crossing (Using Horse Therapy)Wisconsin State Society1 G11/05/2016
130796Technology and Patient Care: Meeting the Needs of the 24/7 Patient from the 8 to 5 ClinicWisconsin State Society1 AG11/05/2016
130795Customer Service Across Healthcare: Providing a WOW Experience with Every ENCOUNTERWisconsin State Society1 G11/05/2016
130667Social Media and ConfidentialityWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 AG11/05/2016
130670Motivational Interviewing: A Conversation about ChangeWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 G11/05/2016
130672ICD-10 – Past, Present and FutureWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1 AG11/05/2016
130668Drugs in the CommunityWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1.5 G11/05/2016
130671Human Trafficking and Trauma Informed CareWisconsin Indianhead Technical College1.5 G11/05/2016
130780Wound and Trauma CareGroup Health Cooperative2 CG11/02/2016
130702Cosmetic DermatologyWI021 LaCrosse Area1 CG11/01/2016
130514Overview of Dane County Department of Human ServicesWI002 Dane1 AG10/29/2016
130733Navigating Healthcare PrivacyWI002 Dane1 AG10/29/2016
130761Transplant Process for the Kidney Transplant Recipient and Living DonorWI002 Dane1 ACG10/29/2016
130656Eye D.E.A. Symposium (Discovering Excellence Academy)Eye Clinic of Wisconsin4 CG10/22/2016
130589Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Its Connection to HealthBlackhawk Technical College3 G10/21/2016
130746IsThere a Clinical Research Study in Your Future?WI009 Greater Milwaukee1 G10/20/2016
130586Excellent Customer Service Begins with EmpathyWI011 Lakeshore2 G10/15/2016
130563Understanding Social Service ProgramsWI003 Dodge1 AG10/13/2016
130610Coaching Skills for Enhanced Communication!UW Health - University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics3.5 G10/08/2016
130612A Real Friend Would Tell You: Providing Constructive Feedback in the WorkplaceNorthcentral Technical College1.5 G10/01/2016
130613Pain Control in Patients With Addiction/Mental Health HistoryNorthcentral Technical College1.5 CG10/01/2016
130614CDC Guideline DiscussionNorthcentral Technical College1.5 ACG10/01/2016
130615Management of Heart Failure in the Outpatient SettingNorthcentral Technical College1.5 CG10/01/2016
130489Immunization Workshop 2016Dodge County Human Services and Health Department1.5 G09/28/2016
130598Celiac Sprue (A Patient's Perspective)WI009 Greater Milwaukee1 G09/22/2016


There are no program listings for this state.